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American Lawn Mower 1414-16

The American Lawn Mower 1414-16 is a push reel mower that won't hurt the environment or your pocket book!

If you are looking to buy a lawn mower that is good for the environment, you need to look at push reel mowers. Reel mowers are powered by the user, not the machine. They are safe, provide a great cut and do not use the resources that a typical mower uses, such as gas.

The American Lawn Mower 1414-16 is one of those push reel mowers. The lawn mower itself does not tear the grass; therefore, it is better for the grass because the blade of the grass stays sealed. This allows for the blade of grass to keep in the moisture it needs. It provides an even cut as well. 

The American 1414-16 model comes with adjustable wheels that are 10 inches in diameter. It has five american lawn mower co 1414-16 push reel mowerblades in total and is a ball bearing wheel. This provides better movement when maneuvering and smoother use. It stands about 48 inches in height. This is somewhat of a con to some people who might be taller, so be sure to take that into consideration if that is a concern.

The clippings it produces can be used in two ways. First, you can leave them in your lawn to act as a fertilizer. This is a great and natural way to enrich your lawn. Second, you can purchase the attachment that actually catches the clippings in the container. You can use these clippings in your compost pile as a way to use as fertilizer at a later date. These clippings will also stimulate and enrich the process as well.

It is a very durable cast iron construction that is made in the U.S. The American Lawn Mower 1414-16 is lighter when it comes to traditional mowers; however, it is heavier when compared to other reel mowers. This is due to the fact that it is made out of cast iron.  So it might be heavier but it is built to last for years on end.

Upon review, you might have to make a few tweaks here and there. The padded grips seem to slip around a bit, but nothing super glue can't fix. Also, you will need a wrench to adjust the height of the blade. You will need to do this every time you decide on a different height. It does seem to cut well on all heights.

It can handle weeds and smaller soft shoot plants which is surprising because the blades do not seem that sharp when you touch them. Even though they can tackle that task, you may find yourself passing over it a few times before you get it all. This is a simple task when you weigh all the benefits and pros this lawn mower offers.

In all, the environmentally friendliness of the American 1414-16 model is great in combination with its effectiveness. This model definitely shows that reel mowers can accomplish the same great cut with no impact on the environment upon each use. Reel lawn mowers have come a long way and the 1414-16 model from American Lawn Mowers does a great job in capturing it.

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