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American Lawn Mower 1815-16

The American Lawn Mower 1815-16 is for someone who is looking for an inexpensive mower and who doesn't want to have an impact on the environment.


There are many options available on the market for those looking for a lawn mower. They vary in design, features, price and even purpose. The two most common types include a standard push mower or a lawn tractor. While both of these options work well there is a third option which offers the benefit of being truly good for the environment. "People" powered push reel mowers are designed to work without the need for a motor.

The American lawn mower 1815-16 is one of these types of lawn mowers. It uses a simple cutting blade which spins as the hand powered lawn mower is pushed. The design is simple and elegant and because it uses no gas or electricity to operate, it has absolutely no negative consequences for the environment. It also means that you have no maintenance requirements beyond cleaning it and maybe a bit of oiling for lubrication.

This lawn mower operates using an alloy steel reel with a bed knife blade. This spins as the lawn moweramerican lawn mower co 1815-16 push reel mower is pushed forward cutting grass. The speed at which the blade operates is directly proportional to the speed at which the lawn mower is pushed so unlike more traditional gas or electric powered lawn mowers, it will generally work more effectively the faster you push it. The material and design of the blades makes them extremely sharp which allows them to cut extremely effectively despite the fact that it has a lower RPM range than what is found in a gas or electric driven mower.

One of the benefits to having no engine of any type is that this lawn mower is extremely light. With all of the components it weighs slightly less than 19 pounds. This makes it extremely easy to move and even pick up if necessary. The lack of a motor also reduces the overall size of this mower which means it can be stored in a relatively small area. This makes it a great option for people who do not have a garage or shed for storing a lawn mower. It also means that you don't have to store any hazardous chemicals such as gasoline or oil in your home, garage or shed in order to power your lawn mower.

The wheels are built using ball bearings. This reduces the amount of friction as the wheels spin which allows you to push it more easily. The wheels are also made out of cast iron which makes them extremely durable. For added comfort the handle has plastic grips. This reduces arm, hand and wrist fatigue while you are cutting the grass.

It has a fairly wide cutting area for this style of lawn mower. The total cutting width is 16" which reduces the number of times you will have to walk back and forth to cut your entire lawn.

For someone who is looking for an inexpensive option for cutting their grass and who doesn't want to have any form of impact on the environment the American lawn mower 1815-16 is an excellent option. Its inexpensive price, durability and lack of engine all make it a great choice.

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