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American Lawn Mowers

If you are not affraid of a little hard work, you will be happy to know that you will be saving Mother Earth while making your lawn look amazing!

Push reel lawn mowers are the business of American Lawn Mowers. The machine is designed and manufactured by the American Lawn Mower Company, currently the biggest maker of push reel lawn mowers in the US. The company prides itself in manufacturing very light, maneuverable and energy efficient lawn mowers. The firm even claims that its lawn mowers are the best for maintaining lawn.

Push Reel Lawn Mowers are highly economical, are environmentally responsible and are quiet to operate. Users can attest that reel mowers require very little maintenance. The source of power for the machines has not changed for more than a hundred years. The energy used is still widely available on demand. Thus, users will no have no problems figuring out what to put into the tanks of their grass cutters.

The American Lawn Mower Company was established in 1895 in Richmond, Indiana. It was founded by Robert B. Kersey and family. Mr. Kersey is the grandfather of the firm's current president. Thus, it is logical that the business remains a closely held family business. With its conservative profile comes the assurance that the company has kept its high quality and standards especially when it comes to the development, design and manufacturing of lawn mowers.

Reel mowers

As mentioned, the American Lawn Mower Company specializes in push reel mowers. The machines are pushed around and are people powered. When you push a reel mower, the blades beneath it cut the grass evenly and are surprisingly easy to operate. You may think that this is a step backwards from a gas powered mower but feel good in that you are helping out the environment while you are helping make your lawn beautiful.

There is a slight difference between the push reel mowers we have today and those manufactured a hundred years ago. The difference is spelled out by a century of advancement in technology. The reliable and old fashioned reel lawn mower idea has been subject to modifications and improvements and American Lawn Mower Company has been on the cutting edge (so to speak) in integrating improvements and changes to make its product lineup better and more useful.

Today's reel mowers from American Lawn Mower Company are lightweight and are easily maneuvered. The characteristics make the products ideal specifically for smaller lawns. The ease of use and simplicity makes the machines fitting and most welcome especially considering the modern hectic lifestyles of operators and homeowners. Thus, American lawn mowers are always on queue. They could be used readily, with no maintenance, spark plugs and possible engine clogging up.

Most of all, many consumers are raving about American lawn mowers because of the machines' environmental friendliness. Thus, the lawn mowers are not harmful to lawn and are only facilitating for precise and clean grass cut. For quite some time, reel mowers have resulted to toxic spillages of fuel and gasoline. Thus, American lawn mowers could certainly help to keep America green.

Specific characteristics

What makes American lawn mowers stand out from the competition are their unparalleled features. Here are some of the special features that have been incorporated to American lawn mowers to make the machines better and more effective, in accordance to modern times.

  • There is a spring loaded shaft that facilitates for accurate, smooth and easy reel rotation.
  • American lawn mowers have ball-bearing assembly that assures easier rolling movement.
  • A sharper edge and prolonged life span are maintained because of the hardened and heat-treated blades.
  • Variable height adjustments could be done to accommodate wider variety of turf.
  • The welded and formed torsion tube designs add to durability and strength.
  • American lawn mowers have different wheel sizes depending on use and purpose. This way, the mower is easier to use and has an enhanced maneuverability.
  • Consistent reel movement is delivered using the ratchet reverse gear system.
  • There is lock-bed knife adjustment feature that paves the way for cleaner grass cut and precise setting.
  • A variety of blade selections for different needs.

As the market knows, American lawn mowers have definitely been meticulously designed and developed. They have been engineered with accurate and great precision. Blades are manufactured from tempered alloy steel, which holds edges longer. Cuts are calibrated accurately to even to about thousandths of an inch.

There is no denying that there is absolutely no better reel mower available. American lawn mowers are second to none.

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