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Craftsman Lawn Mowers

Craftsman Lawn Mowers may not have the history of the other companies but what they lack in history they more than make up for in quality.


For residential and commercial purposes, big or small gardens, Craftsman Mowers are undeniably delivering consistently impressive results. The name is able to produce a wide array of lawn mowers that could truly satisfy every mowing demand and requirements of even the most meticulous clients.

Craftsman is one of the youngest names in the market for lawn mowers. More than two decades of existence is comparatively short compared to the length of existence of some of the major and popular lawn mower brands. However, Craftsman should never be underestimated because it is aggressively proving its worth and potential in outpacing and beating the market competition. Some of the identified best lawn mowers across the market are developed and launched by the company.

It has always been in the culture of the brand to produce lawn mowers that could deliver superior results. The machines Craftsman produce have various grass cutting options. Needless to say, the versatility of Craftsman lawn mower products makes them perfect choice as your lawn mower purchase. All Craftsman mowers are accessorized and equipped with features that further make operations worthwhile like bag, mulch and grass clippings.

Without a doubt, Craftsman mowers are manufactured to perform and feel like no other. Features like mulching ready decks, power drive systems and large mouth base are standard in every Craftsman lawn mower. The manufacturer even asserts and assures that operators and users of its mowers could not notice efforts in mowing and instead have fun doing the task. At Craftsman, no matter what size of lawn and time frame, there surely is the best and appropriate lawn mower for every need.

Every Craftsman lawn mower has been manufactured to exceed the highest industry standards. Craftsman is truly producing a wide array of lawn mowers that satisfy all mowing needs of consumers. Some of the most popular and in-demand lawn mower models from the company are identified.

The Side Discharge Lawn Mower - This is probably one of the most sought-after Craftsman lawn mower in the market. The machine comes in a variety of sizes from a 4-horsepower engine to a 6.75-horsepower engine. The model has five cutting positions and four heights so specific lawn mowing could be conducted with much ease. The larger types are equipped with mulching capabilities with large cutting area and standard side discharge. This model is available in the market for about $129 to about $240. The price could depend on the size and mower power.

The Rear Bag Propelled Mower - Craftsman is taking out 'push' from mowing. The Craftsman Rear Bag Propelled Mower is providing ease and convenience to the most avid gardeners. There are multiple speeds available. There is also an option to make the lawn mower travel only at the operator's speed. The mowers have mulches, bags and discharge options that enable users to take entire control of cuttings. Price ranges from as low as $260 to as high as $400.

The Rear Bag Push Mower - This is Craftsman's standard rear bag push mowing model. There are add-on features like mulch, rear bag, rope-start and a 21-inch blade. Engine sizes also range from about 4.5 horsepower to 6.5 horsepower. Price tags are as low as $160 to as high as $250.

The Rear Bag Electric Mower - This model is Craftsman's sole electric lawn mower model. It is operating in 12 amperes and is packed with good features like a mulch, rear bag, side discharge for low noise, and 19-inch blades. The model is available across the market for about $270.

Cut Path Reel Mower - This is so far the most economical and lightest push reel mower available in the market. This Craftsman lawn mower model comes with an assurance that there is always a fine finish to grass cutting. Price tags could range from $90 to $120, dependent on the preferred size of blades.

To cap up, Craftsman lawn mowers are widely available across the market. As added information, Craftsman is a subsidiary of Sears. Thus, prospective buyers could always check out Craftsman lawn mower products at almost all Sears locations. Aside from the stores, the lawn mowers would also be checked out, ordered and bought online through the Website Phone and fax transactions are also facilitated, making transactions very convenient and easy to potential buyers. Prices are almost always dependent on the kind of model and sizes of blades used. Craftsman lawn mowers are considered among the most practical and popular alternative lawn mowing machines, catering to different types of consumers.



Craftsman Lawn Mower Reviews

Craftsman 19" Premium Battery Powered 3-in-1 Deck Push Lawn Mower - The battery operated engine which runs off this battery is designed to produce enough power to cut through thick grass. It functions extremely well and will run for approximately one hour on a full charge.

Craftsman 19" Premium Electric Push Lawn Mower - A single lever is provided on the side of the Craftsman mower which allows you to adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower. This simple to use adjuster allows you to adjust raise or lower the blade easily.

Craftsman Front Propelled Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower - The Craftsman Front Propelled Rear Bag Lawn Mower is designed to be both functional and economical. It is one of the least expensive options for a propelled lawn mower.

Craftsman Rear Bag Lawn Mower with High Wheel Push Lawn Mower- The Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower with high wheel is a great option for someone who is looking for a good push mower. It is designed to make cutting the grass easier and to do it well without breaking the bank.

Craftsman Rear Propelled Rear Bag Lawn Mower with Key Start Push Lawn Mower- The Craftsman push rear bag lawn mower with high wheel is a great option for someone who is looking for a good push mower. It is designed to make cutting the grass easier and to do it well without breaking the bank.


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