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Electric Lawn Mowers

Relax and let the quiet electric lawn mowers take care of your yard.


Lawn mowers were simple and were manually operated when they were invented in 1827. As the years passed, many modifications were made to the equipment. After the manually operated reel lawn mowers came the fuel powered types. However, as fuel prices soared and many environmental issues ensued, the electric lawn mowers were developed and introduced.

Beautifying your lawn and maintaining a good cut of grass need not be very tedious and hard to do. Usually, household owners feel exhausted by the experience. With the available electric lawn mowers on the market, you can now trim the grass on your yard without too much effort, mess, pollution and noise. The increasing demand for an electric mower is evident as sales of such machines continue to climb. This is not surprising considering the following benefits of buying and using the electric mowing machines.

The level of noise produced by typical lawn mowers is effectively minimized by up to 75%. Gasoline powered mowers not only pollute the air but also contribute to noise pollution. Your neighbors will thank you if you purchase an electric or push reel mower. Being whisper quiet compared to their gas counterparts, your neighbors may not even know when you are outside mowing.

Economically, electric mowers facilitate more savings compared to other types of mowers. In the first place, they are costing less to purchase than typical high-end lawn mowers. In terms of costs of operations, electric mowers are not very costly, contrary to common beliefs. On average, a simple electric lawn mower consumes electricity equivalent to the consumption of a 100-watt electric bulb. Other estimates state that electric lawn mowers utilize up to $3 of electricity annually.

Are you worried that electric cords could pose threats to you and your family? Of course it would be troublesome if pets and kids can trip over the power on your mower. This can never be a problem with a battery powered lawn mower. As the name suggests, they are battery-operated, so once you charge it up, you are off and mowing your yard without toxic fumes or a combersome cord.

If you aim to buy a cheaper mower, the corded type is for you. The electric cords usually limit the use of the mowers to just about 100 to 150 feet from the electric outlet. There could be the danger of accidentally mowing over the electric cable, automatically breaking the mower and posing risks of dangerous electric shock to the operator. However, such accidents can usually be avoided if the operator is careful enough.

Do you intend to buy a battery powered lawn mower? You should stick to your plan. Do not mind the additional cost of the purchase. The amount will not be too significant considering the overall usefulness of the machine. If you worry about the battery life, the manufacturers are providing information about how long batteries could last on a specified lawn area. Thus, you can monitor your battery life and have an idea about how many yards you could continue mowing before your next recharge.

Just as a final note to potential buyers, be sure you have a garage or a spare room where you could store and keep the mower when not in use. Rain usually does not mix with electric parts.


Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Craftsman 19" Premium Battery Powered 3-in-1 Deck Push Lawn Mower - The battery operated engine which runs off this battery is designed to produce enough power to cut through thick grass. It functions extremely well and will run for approximately one hour on a full charge.

Craftsman 19" Premium Electric Push Lawn Mower - A single lever is provided on the side of the Craftsman mower which allows you to adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower. This simple to use adjuster allows you to adjust raise or lower the blade easily.

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