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Honda HRC216K3HXA

The Honda HRC216K3HXA commercial grade lawn mower is a beast that can handle any job you throw at it!


The Honda HRC216K3HXA is not a lawn mower to be messed with. This Honda lawn mower comes with a full line of specs that even the toughest critics agree are amazing. The Honda mowers, in general are commercial grade. This is seen in the way they are built, the storage capacity and the quality of the engine. These lawn tractors and mowers were built to withstand the rigors of heavy duty use along with normal wear and tear. The Honda HRC216K3HXA is ideal for commercial uses such as lawn service businesses and more.

What makes the HRC216K3HXA model stand out? The superior specifications are all built around the mosthonda hrc216k3hxa lawn mower renowned Honda engine; the GXV160. This engine meets all the certifiably requirements of the states as well as provides a great finished product. This Honda mower engine starts easy and once started, is very quiet and practically unnoticeable. The Honda model presented is very reliable and can withstand any terrain time and time again.

The engine has the following specs:

  1. Cast iron cylinder sleeve
  2. Two stage air filter
  3. Ignition of the lawn mower is electronic
  4. Crankshaft is supported by ball bearings
  5. Offers a mechanical governor

These are just standards that come with a well built Honda engine and we can see why they rank among the best engines available. The HRC216K3HXA also makes lawn tasks easy by offering a self propelled feature that consists of many different speeds to align the mowers pace to your personal pace. Another great feature that is only available through Honda mowers is the shaft drive concept. The power that is given to the transmission for self propelled action is a shaft rather than a belt. This allows the function to be longer lasting and less fuss at maintaining.

"RotoStop" is Hondas way of helping you get your yard work done quickly. The concept behind RotoStop is to allow the person mowing a chance to move something out of the way, change a bag or grab something to drink without stopping the engine. Although the RotoStop stops the blades, the engine remains on so you do not have to restart it.

A finer cut is what you can also expect from the Honda model HRC216K3HXA. There are four surfaces for cutting before the grass clippings are mulched or bagged. This helps on a few fronts. First, it enriches and fertilizes your lawn. It also allows you to mow up to fifty percent longer if bagging. This is due to the dual blade system in place that chops up the grasses into very tiny pieces.

The 21" and 15 gauge steel heavy duty deck is lined with bumpers to protect it from getting damaged. You will grasp the solid 1" steel tube while you cut grass from eight separate heights of your choice ranging from three fourths inch to four inches. Ball bearings are used in the four Nexite wheels that are 9" in size.

At over $1100 MSRP, this mower is built for a commercial audience but with Honda's full one year commercial warranty and a two year engine warranty, purchasing a Honda lawn mower is almost a no brainer.

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