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Honda HRR216K5PDA Push Mower Review

The Honda HRR216K5PDA push mower is not your standard push mower.


Not Your Standard Push Type

As stated in the title, the Honda HRR216K5PDA is not your standard push mower. Most push mowers you will find will be stripped of all the extra features that you would expect to see in a self propelled mower. The fact is, Honda has realized that some people actually prefer the push type mower over the self propelled mower. The two biggest reasons that people have is the fact that they are less expensive most times and they over a better workout. It is true, mowing the lawn is a workout and some people would like to take advantage of that perspective.

The Honda HRR216K5PDA has a premium engine that is included in all of Honda’s residential mowers. What makes this engine unique is the fact that it is perfectly timed and offers a seamless mowing experience. This means that the power on hand from the engine is integrated, with no fault, in perfect unison with the internal timing belt. This is a first in the industry to be found on a lawn mower. Honda lawn mowers are certainly leading the pack with this engine design. What is even better is the fact that the consumer does not pay any extra for this upgrade in the engine.

The dual blade system that Honda uses, also known as the "QuadraCut System", passes the cuts of honda hrr216k5pda lawn mowergrass throughout four separate cutting areas and against two blades. The outcome of this is many finely cut blades of grass that are either deposited in the 2.4 bushel bag for grass that comes with the HRR216K5PDA model, or placed back into the yard where the ground can be fertilized again.

This model does not hold out on features that impress. This Honda lawn mower has rear ball bearing in a significant 8" size. This feature allows for a steady and controlled mowing experience that will not only be effective but more easily done.  It also has a large array of height adjusting options, offering up to six heights ranging from ¾" to 3 ¼". Also included is the four in one option for mulching. During this process, you can mulch into a bag, out the rear, use a chute or shred leaves. The chute and leaf shredder are an additional option that you can add on if necessary.

The mower weighs in at 78-81 pounds depending if you are using the optional mulch bag it or not. The operation of this Honda lawn mower model is a standard choke system with manual pull, flywheel brakes and a manual shut off valve. Like all Honda mowers, it comes with a warranty. This particular model comes with a 3 year residential warranty along with a 90 day commercial warranty.

Some optional features you may want to consider are:

  1. Spark Arrestor
  2. Leaf Shredder
  3. High Lift Blade (single)
  4. Discharge Chute (rear)

With or without the extra features that the HRR216K5PDA Honda model offers, you will be glad you bought it, as it provides a good solid run and set of features for the price point.

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