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Honda HRR216K5VKA Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

The latest in the Honda HRR line, the Honda HRR216K5VKA, is a best of breed self-propelled lawn mower that will let you enjoy your yard work for years.


Honda lawnmowers are renowned for their easy-starting engines and their smooth ride. Others might know them for their relatively quiet, reliable four-stroke power and ultra low emissions levels. The Honda HRR216K5VKA is a self-propelled mower that does the Honda lawn mower heritage proud.

This new model from Honda has every essential feature that you need to take on in various mowingHonda HRR216K5VKA self propelled mower conditions. The HRR216K5VKA Lawn Mower comes with the Honda adjustable Smart Drive sytem which will enable you to adjust the speed according to the ground conditions as you push and move along. Since this mower is designed for your own convenience it will help to maintain your lawn and garden without consuming your precious time.

The premium GCV160 engine provides a highly efficient and environmentaly responsible power for the HRR216K5VKA. It is designed in such a way to release a lot of power while keeping noise to a minimum. These features are desirable for homeowners that don't like to disturb their neighbours while doing their yard work.

The HRR216K5VKA mower also has the exclusive Honda Quadracut system with a twin blade system for superior mulching and bagging. This dual blade is further aided by four cutting surface that has the potential to pulverize your grass clippings to a fine pulp. You may not even want to bag up your clippings as they will so small that you won't notice them on your yard. Soon these pieces of grass will decompose and becoming fertilizer for your lawn, therefore you are mowing the grass and fertilizing the lawn at the same time which not only saves you time but money.

It has an automatic choke system, including an improved smart drive variable-speed transmission aiding an option of using your thumbs or palms to operate it. The five settings enable you to set the smart drive control up 3.8mph so even the fastest walkers won't be slowed down by this mower.

If there is a downside to this lawn mower it's that you have to buy attachments in order for you to use it as a side-discharge mower or a leaf shredder. Out of the box you will be able to bag up your clippings or mulch using the Honda Quadracut system that was mentioned previously. You could always just mulch up the leaves though and the Quadracut system is so good that you probably won't ever need to use a side-discharge system. It's more of an inconvenience if that is a feature that you were looking for.

In conclusion, the Honda HRR line has been around for years and and if you buy their new model, the Honda HRR216K5VKA, be rest assured that you will have bought a quality mower that will last you long into the future.

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