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Honda HRR216K5VXA

The Honda HRR216K5VXA is a popular and attractive mid-range push lawn mower.


If you are looking for a midrange price mower, then check out the Honda HRR216K5VXA because it is all you need. Most people, when they buy an item that will be serving a distinct purpose, such as a lawn mower, they tend to buy in the middle. Here is the reasoning: the least expensive will usually be stripped of features we might normally take for granted and the more expensive mowers will have way more features than we would ever use or just do not see the practical sense in them. This is why most of the market is comprised on middle range mowers.

The Honda HRR216K5VXA is both practical and cost effective. The range in specifications it has is amazing and still remains comfortable and convenient while remaining in a competitive price range. So what makes the HRR216K5VXA model so impressive?

Starting with the handle, Honda has made this mower very comfortable from the beginning. When you Honda HRR216K5VXA lawn mowergrasp the handle you will notice two main things. The handle is shaped for comfort and the speed control falls perfectly in the palm of your hands. Honda has really placed the control for easy and natural function. Another comfort design this Honda mower offers is the fact that you can adjust the height of the mower to two different levels to accommodate mowing ease. It can also be folded inward for a more compact storing option.

Moving on to the 21" 16 gauge steel deck of the HRR216K5VXA Honda model, you will notice that the blade heights can be adjusted to six different heights simply by using the one switch that easily takes you through the options in height. These heights range from three fourths inches to four inches. Not only does it cut well, but the flexibility to multitask is a plus. Due to their "RotoStop" option, you can step away from the mower for a brief time to do a task such as move something out of the way, empty the bag, etc. and not have to restart the engine. This has always been an annoyance when you have to stop the mower to complete these tasks. Honda has now fixed this problem.

The four in one options on this Honda model are a great feature to have. These options allow you to mulch in the bag or disperse from the rear. It also has the capability of shredding leafs in the same manner. This Honda lawn mower model comes with the 2.4 bushel bag for grass clippings.

The engine on the HRR216K5VXA mower is part of the well known GCV series that is commended for their superior and market breaking timing belt that matches perfectly with the engine power on hand. This allows for a smooth and uninterrupted mowing pace that is sure to tackle all your needs. Although this model is mainly seen to be purchased by homeowners, Honda offers a 90 day warranty for commercial use compared to their 3 year warranty for residential use

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