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Honda HRS216K3PDA Push Mower Review

The Honda HRS216K3PDA push mower will take care of your needs as well as provide a secure notion that you will be covered for years to come


If you are reading this article, chances are, you are looking for a typical lawn mower. If you are like the majority of homeowners, you really do not put too much thought into owning a lawn mower. You just know it is a good chunk of change and you want to make sure it is going to last. If this is your concern and the way you view your lawn mower purchase, you need to check out the Honda HRS216K3PDA that is described below.

This Honda mower model offers a solid performance without all the bells and whistles. Most residential areas only have a fairly small area to cut when mowing the lawn and a regular, basic function lawn tractor will do. For this task, the Honda HRS216K3PDA will take care of your needs as well as provide a secure notion that you will be covered for years to come.

First, we should talk about the warranty that comes with Honda lawn mowers. Honda dedicates itself to a 3 year residential warranty on the HRS216K3PDA. Moreover, it even goes as far as to have a 90 day commercial warranty as well. Most companies will not offer both, if any longer than a year at all.

The specifications of this mower first start with the way it is used. It is a push type mower with a side Honda HRS216K3PDA Lawn Mowerdischarge for the mulch. It comes with a standard 21" deck that is made out of steel. The blade cuts provide a range of 1" to 3.5" in height. This is a good range for most standard cuts homeowners look for.

Unlike the higher end models, the HRS216K3PDA model requires manual start. This is the normal starting method for most lawn mowers on the market. Honda has also included a nice safety feature that does not allow the operator of the lawn mower to leave the designated "operator zone". This allows time for the blades to stop running as well as the engine without being able to restart it again.

This model, like all walk behind residential mowers, is powered by the GCV160 engine. This is part of the GCV series that is considered a first in its market. The concept behind the GCV series is the timing belt. It is internally timed perfectly with the power reserve. This allows the operator to tackle the roughest projects with ease.

Being that this Honda mower model is a standard model, they do offer some upgrades if needed. These are:

  1. Twin blade system that allows the blades of grass to be cut on four different levels by two separate blades. This provides very minute pieces of grass that get thrown back into the yard to help fertilize your yard without being noticeably there.
  2. Side Bag for Grass: This is an attachment to catch the grass in a bag and place it where you want it or throw it away.
  3. High Lift blade
  4. Spark Arrestor

With these options you will be able to customize your standard Honda mower to fit your specific needs. Most of the time you will not need the extra frill that comes with the more expensive lawn mowers; you might just like one of the features. Why pay more for all the extra features you don’t need or will ever use?

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