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Honda HRX217K2HMA

The Honda HRX217K2HMA sports an electric start system and a fantastic nexite mowing deck.

This excellent Honda mower should not be passed up!


Honda is known for solid lawn mowers that last a long time. They work well and produce a cut that is absolutely beautiful. With that said, the Honda HRX217K2HMA is no exception. This Honda lawn mower is a step above the Honda HRX217K2HXA. Although the lower model does have an amazing performance, the upper model allots for more features.

First off, when you turn this bad boy on, you will notice that it is an electric start mower. What makes Honda HRX217K2HMA self-propelled lawn mowerHonda's electric start battery different than most is the fact that it lasts for years; not just one! Most brands will have to get the battery replaced yearly to function properly. Moreover, the Honda comes with the battery charger as well and only needs to charge after around 300 starts.

It goes without saying that the Honda HRX217K2HMA model is a self propelled mower that goes from 0-4 miles per hour based on the speed you want it at. In your journey, if you need to empty the bag on the mower, you can walk away from the handle, which will stop the blade, but not the mower. This feature is what Honda calls the Roto-Stop BBC. Honda also has created the MicroCut Twin Blades that cut clippings on four separate platforms so they are extremely fine and take up less space. This feature is great for those who bag there clippings, as it lasts up to 50 percent longer.

If you are worried about your mower getting damaged, think again. The Nexite cutting deck can take a beating and come out without a scratch. The 21 inch cutting deck that comes on all the upper Honda lawn mowers is one of a kind. It resists high impact situations, will not corrode, rust or dent. Some people call it the superman of lawn mowers!

Another feature of the HRX217K2HMA Honda model is the ball bearing wheels. These wheels boast 9" and makes maneuvering around your yard an easier task. When looking for a lawn mower, this is one feature that many users look for. The task of mowing a lawn in daunting enough; if using a mower that does not maneuver well, it makes it even more of a task. With the HRX217K2HMA you will not have to worry about that problem.

The Honda engine is renowned for its great performance and low emissions. The engine emission meets all 50 state requirements and is much quieter than most. The internal timing belt coincides perfectly to provide a perfectly synced mowing experience. The price for parts replacement is fair on Honda powered lawn mowers and can be located virtually anywhere. You will not need to worry about parts replacement, at cost for three years due to Honda's warranty.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient lawn mower for your residential lawn, the Honda HRX217K2HMA lawn mower is a great way to go. You will get great performance and a great price!

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