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Honda HRX217K2HXA

Although you might look at the Honda HRX217K2HXA's price tag and shy away at it being a bit too high, take another look to see why it actually does warrant the price. You will soon realize that you get what you pay for.


What makes the Honda HRX217K2HXA one of the best self propelled residential lawn mowers that Honda has built to date? The question would be better stated what doesn't this mower have? Honda really went all out when building this mower from the way it was constructed all the way to handling.

Although you might look to the price tag and shy away at it being a bit too high, take another look to seehonda hrx217k2hxa self propelled lawn mower why it actually does warrant the price. You will soon realize; you get what you pay for.

This Honda lawn lower allows for speeds up to 4 mph, and runs on a rear-wheel-drive cruise-control hydrostatic transmission. The only downside users find to this is the fact that you have to adjust a level manually in order to get the speed you want. With all said, you can power through any turf condition with minimal effort.

Also a feature on this Honda tractor is the Roto-Stop brake clutch. This, simply put, is your way of stopping the blade on the mower without actually stopping the mowers engine. This can be a feature you might need to use when crossing over pavement, clearing an obstacle out of the way, etc.

The eye-catching Veramow is probably the feature that stands out the most. With the 4 in 1 design, you can literally choose to mulch, discharge clippings, bag or leaf shred. This makes the task of leaf disposal a snap. The leaf shred is simply the recirculation of the leaves until they are small and able to circulate out into the bag. The best part about the Honda HRX217K2HXA Versamow system is the ease and flexibility it offers. With a quick switch of a lever, you are on your way to the method you prefer.

The HRX217K2HXA mower model from Honda has a twin blade that allows for finer clippings. Two blades make revolutions to offer less space on the ground or greater volume in the bag. The traction on the HRX217K2HXA is solid with the 9 inch ball bearing wheels. They also provide easier maneuverability along with a smoother transition over different terrains.

When speaking of fuel efficiency, this Honda model is excellent providing low emission as well as virtually no noise and vibration from the engine. This is quite impressive considering the power that is allotted to this lawn mower. While some may consider it a "con" for not having a push start engine, this particular residential Honda model lawn mower is started often by the first try.

As with all great lawn mowers, Honda has supplied a 3 year residential warranty on the HRX217K2HXA model. They have also extended a commercial warranty of 90 days. Another convenient aspect of this model is the easy upright storage this lawn mower offers. It comes with a 3 position EZ fold option to keep storage space to a minimum. Finally, you will also feel confident in the Nexite deck that does not rust, dent or corrode. This is another great lawn tractor brought to us by Honda.

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