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Honda HRX217K2VKA

The Honda HRX217K2VKA is a CARB emission complaint self-propelled mower that packs a punch.

Know that you are being more environmentally friendly while kicking your yard works butt!


The Honda HRX217K2VKA is a self-propelled gas mover that comes with some quality features. While it may not be for everyone, if you are in the market for a solid self-propelled mower then you may wish to check out this Honda gem.

This engine is lightweight, has a great power-to-weight ratio, and is designed for handling several mowing conditions. Because this mower comes with a quality Honda motor, you know it will be easy to start, create less noise, produce less pollution, and have excellent fuel efficiency.

This self propel system has five position adjustable hand control that you can raise or lower for finest comfort. Those that have smaller hands might not want to use the thumb control therefore Honda has redesigned it giving the option for using your palm control. The smart drive system soon adjusts ground speed to match your mowing conditions.

Another feature you will notice is the handle bar. The handle bar is padded for your comfort and can be easily folded to three positions by twisting the knobs. While this is not a particular unique feature to Honda mowers, changing the handle position makes it easier to access the self propel system mentioned hrx217k2vka

The Honda HRX217K2VKA has a lightweight and easy to clean Nexite deck. The high impact deck material is strong, rustproof, and scratch resistant. The 21-inch mowing deck has a 4 in 1 operation that allows you to shred or side discharge, bag, and mulch, so there is no need of buying any additional parts.

Another impressive feature of the Honda HRX217K2VKA is the cutting blade system. The Microcut Twin Blade System has four cutting surfaces for producing super fine clippings. The small clippings disappear in the lawn and decompose in the soil which everyone knows is great for you lawns health. The finer grass takes less volume so if you do decide to bag up your clippings you can bag more and you can empty less every time you mow.

Honda's HRX217K2VKA self-propelled mower also has 9-inch ball bearing wheels. Ball bearing wheels provide maneuverability and a smooth ride by allowing the mower to keep its traction even in deep grass. Every wheel is fitted with a cutting height adjuster which can be adjusted to any of the seven positions varying from 0.75 inches up to 4 inches. This wide range can handle any mowing condition or type of grass.

If you have a large yard and require a tractor mower, John Deere covers it. John Deere's 100 series mowers are their entry level tractors but cost more than twice what this Honda lawn mower does.

You get a lot of bang for your buck this mower. You may not think that you can afford $699.00 for a lawn mower but this is also the Cadillac of push mowers. If you don't want to opt in for the self-propelling feature you can save money and get the HRS216K3PDA mower.

This easy starting lawn mover engine delivers ultra low emission, reliable and quiet four-stroke power and a smooth ride. Every Honda lawnmower is certified to be CARB emission compliant. Honda is presently the only lawnmower manufacturer offering CARB compliant products in all 50 states so you know that you are getting the most environmentally friendly mower on the market.

If you want a quality self-propelled mower that is versatile and powerful, you should check out the HRX217K2VKA.

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