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Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42

One of the biggest features that stands out on the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 is the ZT transmission that is 100% commercial duty in strength and durability


The Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 is a hefty model that will leave many lawn tractors throughout the industry in its finely tuned cuts! The Hustler Super Duty is a superior model that comes with great standard features along with a good selection for add-on capability. Best yet, Hustler makes it an easy transition for attachments and the Hustler lawn tractor becomes hassle free all around.

One of the biggest features that stands out on this Super Duty Fastrak is the ZT transmission that is 100% commercial duty in strength and durability. Like the Hydro-Gear motor and pump combos, the ZT 2800 transmissions that come with the Fastrak 36/42 lawn tractor have the same rotating group concept. They feature a steel cut relief valve, gears, spin- on oil filter and charge pump. They come in a horsepower of 17 or 19. hustler fastrak super duty 36/42

With a commercial grade lawn tractor, you want a machine that is going to produce a perfect cut with a great finish. This tractor does this and more. Not only does it give a very finished in appearance cut, it also does it effortlessly. The SmoothTrak feature offered allows for the park brake to automatically engage when the lawn tractor is turned off. This is not only better for the machine but also a safety addition that is very necessary. This system also allows for an easy maneuverability where the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 gets its zero radius turn capabilities from.

With the Hustler Fastrak brands you can't go wrong on the warranty. Like all the other tractors offered through Hustler, they have an unbeatable warranty that is best in the industry. With this particular model, it comes with a 2 year commercial warranty and a 4 year limited warranty for homeowners. As standard with all the models, there is a lifetime warranty on the tractor frame and leading deck edge proving that Hustler is built to last.

There are standard features on this tractor mower that are supplied for performance and comfort. The discharge chute which is molded rubber is a great asset that is durable and will not waiver over time. It also comes with remote air cleaning which helps protect one of the most valuable aspects of the tractor; the engine. There is also low maintenance the time period you own the Hustler 36/42.

Although there are some attachments and accessories, they are limited in number compared to some other models. They have a light kit that is handy for those who work later into the night. This helps with navigating the controls but is often not seen as a very good deal when considering the price point. The Flex Forks on the other hand are a very valuable asset for those who are constantly or even occasionally working with very uneven terrains. They offer a more even cut with such circumstances along with greater comfort when riding through these landscapes.

Overall this Hustler tractor mower is great for heavy duty commercial lawn mowing. Many would agree that the Fastrak 36/42 is one of the better deals on the market.

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