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Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60

Everything about the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60 is heavy duty.

If you own a mowing business you owe it to yourself to check out this mower!


A commercial lawn tractor is needed for many occasions. Many businesses trust the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60. This is because it not only creates a cut that looks appealing; it also is designed to last. This means if you run a lawn business, have acres of land to cut, use the tractor for other miscellaneous uses outside of cutting for commercial and personal use, the Super Duty 48/54/60 might be a lawn tractor you consider in your top choices.

Hustler stands behind their lawn tractors. They offer a 4 year warranty which is a limited homeowner and a 2 year commercial limited warranty. Along with that, they also have lifetime warranties on the frame of the tractor as well as the leading deck edge. Below you will find out why Hustler is so confidant in their creation.

The Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60 comes with V-twin Kawasaki engines. The result is an output of powerhustler-fastrak-super-duty-48-54-60 lawn tractor that is smooth, longer in life span as well as durability and much quieter than other engines in its class. As with all Kawasaki engines, they are fuel efficient, high power and their performance comes without any hiccups. The remote air cleaner for the engine is also a perk as it keeps the engine safer, therefore helping provide a better lifespan.

The transmission is hydrostatic which allows for that amazing ability to turn on a dime with a zero turn radius feature while still maneuvering the Fastrak Super Duty with minimal effort. The SmoothTrak steering feature automatically park brakes the tractor when turned off.

Everything about this Hustler lawn tractor is heavy duty. The bumper is a 7-gauge completely full height bumper that has a hitch that is built in for even more protection of the exhaust and engine. This also caters to the convenience of maintenance when necessary. Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60, along with many of the Hustler lawn tractor models, has an extremely durable frame and deck along with the front forks. The drive tires are 20 inches while the caster tires are 13 inches. The deck spindles are able to be serviced and with the deck that is welded rather than stamped, you have yourself a powerhouse of a lawn tractor!

Probably some of the best features can be seen in the safety aspect. Hustler builds their tractors with a low gravity center which allows them to go at sloped angles easily and safely. On this particular model, it comes with a seat that has springs and arm rests. If needed, you can have the option to add a seat belt as well. 

Other features include an hour meter, 10 gal tank for fuel with sight line built in and a mulching deck. The price is a little steep compared to some other tractors, however, the warranty, durability and track record warrant this price to most.

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