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Hustler Lawn Mowers

Among the Most Trusted Mowing Machines


Farm equipment maker Excel Industries have made its own goldmine when it developed and launched the Hustler Lawn Mowers into the market. The company has made use of its expertise in developing dependable and durable farm machines in coming out with its line of lawn mowers. It's no coincidence that Hustler lawn mowers are among the most popular and respected mowing machines especially among professional landscapers.

Hustler mowers have been designed and built to cater to the commercial market. However, homeowners could still benefit from Hustler's lineup for small to middle sized gardens and parks. The commercial lawn mowers of the company are among the most complete and reliable in the market today. Hustler has obviously spent capital and efforts in making sure its lawn mower products provide the best functions and services on the market.

The machines are widely distributed through Hustler's network of independent retailers and dealers. Price tags are just reasonable and are commensurate to overall quality and usefulness of Hustler lawn mowers. Make the wise investment now.

Hustler Residential Mowers

FasTrak is the main Hustler lawn mower specifically designed residential market. It is relatively small, but is still meeting the high standards and functionality measure of professional lawn mowing machines. FasTrak are actually riding lawn mowers that excellently cut the lawn while facilitating ease in maneuvering especially around challenging obstacles like hedges and trees. There are ideal trimming functions that allow users to attain picture-perfect lawn by getting close to flower beds and sidewalks.

The FasTrak lawn mower comes in various deck sizes and engines. There is a side-discharge lawn mowing deck that could be fitted with catchers and mulching kits. This Hustler lawn mower is covered by a two-year warranty on parts and on labor. There is even a lifetime warranty covering the machine's frame.

Smaller lawns call for the use of the Mini FasTrak. This small ride-on lawn mower uses Kohler or Honda engines. They are also featuring mulching capabilities, two-size deck cutting and comfortable seat capacity for the rider or operator. As usual, this Hustler lawn mower comes with a two-year warranty on labor and parts, as well as a lifetime guarantee on frame.

Hustler Commercial Mowers

Hustler offers a complete and more advanced range of mowers for commercial uses. The Super Z is Hustler's flagship lawn mower model for this market segment. It is well known as the fastest lawn mower out in the market. This Hustler lawn mower runs at about 15 miles per hour. Super Z could easily outpace and outperform other lawn mowers from other manufacturers and brands.

What makes Super Z powerful enough as a reliable commercial lawn mower? The Hustler mowing machine has a 25-horsepower power. There is a hydraulic cooler that is ensuring optimum temperature control even when the machine is operating or running at a very high speed. The Hustler commercial lawn mower also has excellent slope-handling capabilities and effective vacuum catchers that clean up the grass.

Another commercial Hustler lawn mower is the 4000 series. The machines in the line offer unmatched durability and performance. The machines outperform competitors by being rated for about an additional 15 acres of lawn per day. This commercial Hustler lawn mower is ultra heavy duty, making it most suitable for the most challenging and toughest lawn mowing tasks. There could be no other choice.


Hustler Zero-Turn Mower Reviews

Hustler Fastrak 48/54 - comes standard with comfort features such as arm rests and a built in seat springs. These are great features that add to the comfort of being on the lawn tractor all day.

Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 - The Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 is designed to have a wide base with a low gravity center to provide a stable and comfortable ride.

Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 - One of the biggest features that stands out on the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 is the ZT transmission that is 100% commercial duty in strength and durability.

Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60 - Everything about this Hustler lawn tractor is heavy duty. If you own a mowing business you owe it to yourself to check out this mower!

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