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Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42

The Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 is designed to have a wide base with a low gravity center to provide a stable and comfortable ride.


Hustler has brought us the option of the mini Fastrak lawn tractor. This is a zero degree turn tractor that will have you asking why you hadn't got it earlier. The Hustler mini boasts some best in class titles that include quality of cut and the warranty. When it comes to commercial lawn tractors, we all know this is extremely important.

The warranty includes a 3 year limited on parts and labor. To add to this, Hustler has included a lifetime warranty for the leading edge on the deck as well as on the tractor's frame. Although this particular model can be classified as a commercial and residential lawn tractor through the company, it has the power and durability to be a very effective commercial tractor alone. This is why a 90 day commercial warranty also comes with the Fastrak 36/42. This shows confidence that it is built tough and great for hustler mini fastrak 36/42commercial use with its wear and tear.

The Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 is designed to have a wide base with a low gravity center to provide a stable and comfortable ride. Another great feature this lawn tractor offers is the automatic parking brake. When you switch the lever to the off position, the brakes will automatically go in parking. This is very convenient.

This Mini Fastrak can get up to 7 mph in forward motion while getting up to half the mph of 3.5 in reverse mode. This is powered by either a Honda or Kohler engine. The tractor cuts with a generous 36 inch wide mowing area and the height of the cut can be adjusted in .25 inch increments ranging anywhere from 1.5 inches through 4 inches. This makes mowing with this Hustler 36/42 lawn tractor model easy for those using it for residential needs or those using it for commercial needs.

The SmoothTrak system with twin-lever steering makes turning and controlling the mini Fastrak easy and hassle free. The response time is excellent. The maintenance on this model is also nothing to overlook. Hustler claims that you do not have to have any maintenance on these machines in between oil changes. This of course changes with how often you use it and if it is strictly for residential or commercial purposes. One thing is for sure, no matter what your use, you will not have to fill up the tank very often! It has a 6- gallon tank that conveniently comes with a sight line.

The only gripe many people have is the extras. This is truly a "what you see is what you get" lawn tractor. Although the Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 has a high back and comfortable seat, arm rests are optional. And as you know, all optional features such as this add up quick sometimes making a good deal go sour. If you can live without a bunch of bells and whistles, you will find that this mini Fastrak is all you need. If you can afford the extras, there is a long list of features ranging from a mulching kit to a rear mounted catcher.

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