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John Deere JS25

The John Deere JS25 is an entry level model self-propelled push mower from John Deere is anything but entry level. See for yourself why this brand has made such a good name for itself.


For those of us who have an everyday, suburban home with a smaller type lawn, a lawn tractor is not going to be what we need. If you do not have as much real estate to work with then why spend more money on something that you do not need. While the John Deere company does make some excellent riding mowers, they also make some exceptional walk behind mowers as well, such as the JS25 walk behind mower.

The John Deere JS25 push mower is a self-propelled mower that is going to be able to be used on a regular basis for those who are looking to mow their lawn every once in awhile. It runs for about $400, and can be found in just about any store or even online. The mower itself has a 190 cc mower, which is typically standard for the walk behind mowers. The drive system in the mower allows you to adjust your ground speed whenever you need to, which is incredibly convenient.

This mower is easy to control as well as easy to push around and just use all around. Cheaper mowersJohn Deere JS25 Push Mower might have a bit of trouble starting, but the great thing about the John Deere JS25 walk behind mower are the controls and the fact that everything is just so easy use all around. When you are not using the mower, you can fold down the handlebars and you can store it neatly in your garage or shed. Most mowers can take up a lot of space within the garage or shed, but this John Deere mower does not take up as much room as you may think.

A great feature of the JS25 and all of John Deere's push mowers is the MowMentum™ Drive System. This is just a fancy way of saying that the mower will adjust its ground speed depending on how fast you walk. It's a great little feature that makes your weekly mowing ritual a pleasure.

If you are looking for a walk behind mower that is going to be easy to use as well as convenient, then take a look at the John Deer JS25 walk behind mower. This mower stands out above the other mowers due to the fact that it s easier to push around and easier to control. The engine was designed to last and designed to be incredibly durable which means that you are going to get a mower that can be looked at as an incredible investment. The price of the actual mower is incredibly affordable so you will not have to burn a huge hole in your wallet when you go to buy this mower. You can find this mower online at various websites, some of them might offer you a smaller price, and some might now, it all just depends. Just take a look at the mower and see for yourself what the mower can do for you.

Walk behind mowers these days are incredibly advanced and easy to use. So take a deeper look at this particular mower and see for yourself. Go to the department store and actual touch and feel the mower and talk to someone who is going to give you some more excellent information!

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