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John Deere X324

The John Deere X324 lawn tractor builds on the quality of the X320 tractor with a tighter turning radius!


Another excellent and well made tractor is the John Deere X324 Tractor. Like the X320 mower, this tractor is designed to take on a heavier workload but it does come at a price. If you need something that is going to be comfortable yet easy to drive and easy to maintain, then take a look at this tractor, you might be surprised at what you'll actually find.

First off, we already know about the engines that come with the John Deere tractors. They are typically air cooled and they come with the John Deere iTorque™ Power System. These features are going to make it a lot easier for you to handle your tractor when you are using it. Not only that, but they make the engine a lot more durable, so you know that you are not going to run into a whole bunch of problems.

The fuel tank is relatively small so if you have large jobs to do then you may find that you will have to fillJohn Deere X324 up a couple times. But if you think about it, this is not that much on an inconvenience if you are buying a tractor that you are only going to use a few times a month. The transmission is automatic, another great feature because now you do not have to worry about switching gears or anything like that, you just use the two foot pedals that come along with the John Deere X324 and you will be all set to go.

Along with all of the technical stuff that you will learn about this tractor, you are going to want to know how easy it is to get on and drive. Because of the automatic transmission that was discussed earlier, this makes the X324 so easy to drive. Improving upon the X320's turning radius, the X324 can turn in 15" which will also allow you to navigate the most treacherous of back yards.

This John Deere tractor like all of the other John Deere mowers is made to last for years and if something is to go wrong with your tractor, then you do get the warranty that comes along with it.

Now, the cost can be iffy for anyone due to the fact that we are all on a budget these days, but this tractor will only run you around $4,600! That is a great deal compared to what other tractors are sold for.

If you need a tractor just to do some light work around the yard, then this is going to be your tractor. It is easy to drive and it has so many features that makes is all worthwhile. If you feel that you might be ready to start looking or start buying even, then check online and see what you can find in the way of John Deere tractors. The price is great and when you look at it from a different perspective; you are really purchasing an investment in your home and not just another tractor.

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