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John Deere x749

The John Deere x749 tractor is powerful and fuel efficient.

Not only can this engine handle commercial use, it is great for larger residential use


If you are in the market for a tractor that will bring you solid performance for years to come, you may want to consider the John Deere x749. This John Deere Lawn tractor will be sure to win you over with its 24 horsepower, 3 cylinder, Yanmar diesel engine that is liquid cooled! What makes it even better is the x749 tractor is powerful but fuel efficient. Not only can this engine handle commercial use, it is great for larger residential use; those with an acre or more.

A great pro that users consistently rave about is the handling aspect that John deer has provided whenjohn deere x749 tractor they made the x749 mower. It sports a 4-wheel drive that makes turning radius and handling a win-win situation. When turning, you will not have to worry about turf scuffing, as it automatically adjusts its speed to accommodate for that aspect. This is just another reason way John Deere has been separated from the crowd in offering a solid performance on their products.

Adjustments on the John Deere x749 are very minimal, if any. The shaft drive output is done through a live transmission (PTO) that is continuous. This means you will not have any belts that will slip or wear out. The internal hydraulic with multi disk clutch pack also requires no adjustment, as it is automatically handled as well. The clutch engagement is smooth and, in turn, provides a longer disk life.

You won't get a weak machine with this John Deere tractor mower! It is made of nodular cast iron that is shock resistant and stronger than their competitions steel fabricated axels that can bend and warp.

When it comes to performance, this tractor out performs and shows why it is top in its class. Coupled with the 4WD aspect, two foot controls that work for speed and changing of directions makes it a smoother transition and easier to handle. The differential lock was also strategically placed for easy use as well. Rather than heel engagement, it was placed conveniently on the left footrest. It allows both rear drive wheels positive power that helps for a heightened traction level.

From awesome performance to mulching and material pick up, this John Deere mower has got you covered. The EDGE Xtra cutting system that John Deere is noted for is designed to give the lawn a clean look, offering increments of ¼ inch cutting heights.

You will even experience comfort from a fully adjustable high back seat, no slip grips, tilt steering wheel and a clutter free platform. The tank is also in great design with it being able to hold 6 ¼ gallons of fuel. This means fewer trips back and forth to fill up that tank; excellent for the larger jobs it was built for. The 12- volt outlet is handy to charge cells phones and miscellaneous items. Furthermore, to talk about even more features, the hood of this lawn tractor can completely be removed without any tools! If you needed tools for any other reason, you can easily put it into the toolbox provided on your mower. With the final touch of a cup holder, you simply cannot go wrong with this strong built John Deere tractor.

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