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MTD Lawn Mowers

With a diverse portfolio of brands, you will be hard pressed not to find your perfect mower from MTD Lawn Mowers


MTD Products is one of the most trusted names when it comes to lawn mowers. MTD stands for Modern Tool and Die Company. The firm started operations in 1932 as a privately held tool and die maker. As part of its diversification and evolution, it developed and launched its initial lawn and garden machines in 1958. The first lawn mower offering from the company was an 18-inch rotary mower. The following year, MTD rolled out its self-propelled or push-around lawn mowers as well as riding mowers.

Since then, MTD has strived to develop more lawn mower products. MTD now produces several brands that are directly developed, produced and marketed by the company. MTD could even be attributed to several private label brands of lawn mowers. To date, there are about 10 different brands of lawn mowers that are sold and distributed to the market under the major MTD banner. Some of the most popular among those 10 are Cub Cadet, Bolens, White Outdoor and Yard Man. Each of the lawn mower brands is considered a testament to MTD's reliability and performance.

Cub Cadet

MTD's Cub Cadet is popular for developing and assembling lawn mowers that are tough, reliable and truly fully featured. Many consumers assert that Cub Cadet riding lawn mowers are truly second to none. In fact, many users attest that the ride-on machines are of the same breath as the popular and standard John Deere ranges, especially when the performance and costs will be significantly considered.

The Cub Cadet Series 2000 Lawn Tractor is a riding mower statement. It is MTD's simple solution to complex problems regarding lawn mowing machines. The equipment runs very efficiently even on minimal fuel. There is a cast-iron transmission that guarantees total performance and reliability even if the machine is frequently and abusively used. There is even a custom-designed deck wash system that helps ensure the deck will never ever be clogged up with grass cuttings. Suggested retail price tag at the market is at about $2,600. Not bad for a good riding lawn mower.


Bolens is MTD's oldest brand for lawn mowers. It had its humble beginning in the middle of the 19th century. Since then, Bolens has lived up and maintained a legacy and an effective track record for the production of dependable and affordable machinery. No one can easily set aside more than 155 years or credibility when it comes to lawn mower products. Bolens focuses on walk-behind lawn mowers.

As a lawn mower buyer, you should set your eyes on the standout 264E765 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. The machine has a front-wheel drive, a reliable mulching system, a 22-inch cutting deck and a 4.5 horsepower engine. The two-year service warranty is an assurance of the standard unit. Surprisingly, some of the most affordable Bolens lawn mowers could be found and purchased at the market for just about $250.

White Outdoor and Yard Man

The White Outdoor is known as the MTD's brand that produces the best value. One of their most popular products is the Zero Turn Mowers for residential lawn mower users. Sold at abut $3,000, the zero turn mower is a tremendous value. Riding lawn mowers from MTD could not be as significant and efficient as this one.

On the other hand, Yard Man remains the premium brand of MTD. However, the company assures that there is no need to spend premium cash for the brand. The 435D push mower product is award-winning and is considered the stand out model for the brand. There have been numerous industrial magazines and consumer groups that gave raving reviews about the product. All the functions a user will need in a lawn mower would be found in the Yard Man product, like mulch, rear bag and side discharge.

Buying MTD Lawn Mowers

All the MTD brands of lawn mowers are widely available across the market. MTD is working closely with its network of independent retailers, dealers and distributors to make sure the lawn mower brands will reach prospective buyers. You can find some of MTD lawn mower models and brands in retail chains like WalMart at incredibly high 20% discounts.

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