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Murray Lawn Mowers

You cannot beat the customer service and warranty of Murray Lawn Mowers


When it comes to lawn mowers with reliable strength and durability, Murray lawn mowers make top quality equipment. Whether you need walk-behind or ride-on lawn mowers, Murray surely should be considered to take care of your residential and commercial purposes.

For quite some time, Murray has been a reliable and popular name when it comes to standard commercial and residential lawn mowers. The company is a US-based one, a descendant of Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company, a well known manufacturer of bikes, lawn mowers and garden equipment in the early to middle of the 20th century. In 2004, the brand was acquired by Briggs & Stratton.

Murray owners are raving because finding and buying spare and replacement parts is a snap. Murray is produces a thorough list of supply parts for all its lawn mower models, from the past until the present. Thus, owners of old and obsolete models can still find and acquire parts for replacements. This is a service that many manufacturers do not do.

Customer Service

If you have recently bought a mower from Murray, you are already enjoying an iron clad two-year warranty. The standard two-year can be extended to as much as five years so you can rest assured that you are covered for free repairs and replacement of parts if your Murray breaks down in this period. Just make a phone call to the local Murray service center nearest you and the service repair team will surely diagnose and fix your mowing machine free of charge.

Murray is known as a company that pays particular attention to the support services needed by its customers. The company has been actively recommending servicing through approved dealers. Murray acknowledges the fact that users could not usually fix problems on lawn mowers themselves. So instead of incurring more and bigger problems, users are given free and amicable services. This makes Murray stand out among its competition.

Two Types of Murray Lawn Mowers

There are two general types of Murray mowers that are available in the market. The first is push-around or walk-behind lawn mowers. These machines are self-propelled and are operated manually. These types are pushed around by an operator while mowing. There are specific models that have added power, further making movement and mobility easier. These lawn mowers are available with rear or front wheel drive. There are even added accessories and features that you can buy depending on your mowing needs.

Murray is known for having fantastic riding lawn mowers. There are several options available for such Murray machines such as various cutting decks that are able to cut different widths. The ride-on types are also available with alternative transmissions, including hydro-automatic and automatic drive. Engine options are also available including overhead valves, cast iron cylinder sleeves and V-twin cylinders, which facilitate nicer and smoother rides.

Buying Murray Lawn Mowers

Like competing lawn mower makers, Murray does not directly sell to clients. Instead, Murray mowers as well as spare and replacement parts are sold through distributors. Briggs & Stratton also sell engine parts as well as some Murray lawn mower product lines. Non-engine parts are available through independent retailers, distributors and dealers.

Take note that most Murray lawn mower products are sold under several active brand names like Murray Select, Murray, Murray Performance, DynaMark, YardKing and TurfMaster. Prices vary depending on specific models and types.

Buying any lawn mower is a significant investment but rest assured that the quality and performance of Murray really stands out, making any user realize that buying a Murray lawn mower is really one of the best decisions you can do for maintaining a beautiful lawn.

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