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Robot Lawn Mowers

If you are a bit of a nerd or just want your lawn taken care of for you without much thought, Robot Lawn Mowers can help you out!


People naturally want to save time and effort doing household chores. When the lawn mower was invented in 1827 by an English engineer, it was primarily aimed at making the task of cutting grass much asier. After decades of evolution, the lawn mowing machine has really turned very sophisticated. After the introduction of reel, rotary and ride-on lawn mowers, there are now robot lawn mowers that take convenience to the next level.

To begin with, robot lawn mowers represent the second biggest category of autonomous robots made for households. The first robot lawn mower for commercial use was launched in 2005. The prototype was a robotic mower that requires the operator to set up a wire to serve as border around a lawn. The border defines the total lawn area to be mowed. The robot mower uses the wire border to locate the area boundary of the land to be mowed. Now, robotic lawn mowers have gotten even smarter.

Modern robot mowers are now widely and commercially available in various sizes to suit any lawn size. Most robot mowers are powered by electricity, using built in recharging docks and batteries. The user/operator does not need to continuously push around or guide the lawn mower. Neither will there be a need to ride on and drive the machine. The operation of the equipment is automatic. A typical robot lawn mower is recommended for lawns that are up to an acre in land area and the batteries reach full charge within 24 hours. Operators need not to worry about charging as most robot mowers these days charge on their own when there is a need to do so. How convenient is that?

Tthere are numerous benefits of owning a robot lawn mower. As mentioned, there is no need to push around or ride the mowing machine to make it work. Aside from that, there are many other advantages that make robot mowers stand out and outpace all its predecessor lawn mower types. Here are some of them.

1. The robot lawn mower has its own mulching chambers that facilitate reduction of clippings to very small sizes. For meticulous people, there is such a concept as 'rule of thirds' when it comes to cutting grass. As a rule of thumb, the grass should be cut no more than a third of the blade length. This way, the grass is left at its excellent condition, neither too short nor long. The setback is that with the rule of thirds, there will be a need to frequently mow the grass. This makes the task tedious and costly. With the robot lawn mower around, you can always have the grass cut anytime you want, as often as needed without you worrying about added costs and effort.

2. When it comes to costs, no other lawn mowers could be as efficient as robotic mowers. The machines run entirely on electricity. However, they do not consume too much energy. Typically, a good and effective robotic lawn mower uses energy as much as the consumption of a 100-watt bulb. The larger units are able to operate using energy equivalent to the consumption of a standard refrigerator.

3. Unlike all other types of lawn mowers, robot types are very friendly to the environment. That means the machines are not contributing further to air pollution. Because robots use electricity, there is no need for fuel combustion and thus, there is no emission. Because there is no oil or gasoline involved, there is no chance of spillage, which usually pollutes the soil. Improper motor disposal, which usually kills grass, is also eliminated.

4. Are you anxious about noise pollution? One of the main reasons households do no use lawn mowers as often as needed is that the machines produce loud and annoying noise. Robotic lawn mowers produce little or no noise at all!. Because of its quietness, the robot could be operated even at night, without causing stress and anxiety to your neighbors. You could mow your lawn overnight and still get the sleep you need.

5. Most robotic lawn mowers are self-operating. That means, you do not need to oversee the operations. You could use your spare time relaxing, doing other household chores or getting more quality time with family and friends. Robotic mowers run independently and go to their charging docks when the electric charge of batteries runs out.

A robot mower's price tag may deter some homeowners but rest assured that if you value your time as much as you value your lawn then take the plunge and purchase the next generation of mower.

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