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Simplicity Axion

The Simplicity Axion boasts a very impressive zero-turn that leaves many people wondering how it does it.


If you are in the market for a lawn mower, you may want to consider the Axion zero turn tractor by Simplicity. The Simplicity Company has been making quality products for years on end. The company is known for innovative products that are long lasting and reliable. If you are on the brink of deciding whether or not you want to make the investment in the Axion lawn tractor, then read below to find out more specifics and rate whether this is the choice for your direct needs.

The Simplicity Axion boosts a very impressive zero turn that leaves many people wondering how it does it. There are critics that do tend to shy away from the Zero turn tractors, however, the Simplicity tractor leaves a lot to be put to rest with the traditional zero turn models. The straight, parallel lines that the Axion model creates are beautiful and uniform. Not only does it get a great cut, it leaves your lawn looking premier and inviting. Best yet, it is done quickly and efficiently.

To opt for a lawn mower that is of the caliber the Simplicity Axion is at, you will need to justify its means. Simplicity Axion Zero-Turn Lawn MowerFor instance, this Simplicity mower is ideal for lawns that are larger in size. Unlike smaller lawns, a larger lawn not only takes more time in general, but typically has a few more ups and down about the landscape. Using a regular push mower for these tasks of uphill, downhill and sheer expanse of the lawn can leave a person feeling exhausted. This is unnecessary when you have the right tools.

Some Axion model features you can choose from are directly related to the engine; the heart of the lawn tractor. A great feature that lures people in to buy is the fact that you can choose between an 18.5-hp, 20-hp or 24-hp engine. The engine is a Briggs and Stratton and emission efficient. The concept of an efficient engine that provides low emission is an industry standard for safety and environmental factors. This is why Briggs and Stratton is the preferred engine for lawn mowers and lawn tractors; the Simplicity lawn mowers and tractors are no exception. Briggs and Stratton have developed an engine that is 70% less in exhaust emissions than those recorded in the year 1995.

Another feature you can choose form is the mower deck size. They have a choice of 33", 42" or 50". This feature helps customize the Axion model to fit your specific needs better. You will also enjoy the dual lever controls and parking brake lever. This makes using the tractor easy while sitting in your fully adjustable 15" high back seat with included armrests. Other enjoyable features that make your task easier and more comfortable are the padded foot rests, storage compartment and of course, the drink holder. Optional features in clued the twin bagger system and the mulching kit.

Although this tractor is larger than a regular style lawn mower, this Simplicity model provides a compact and unobstructed view design. The tractor is stable and consistent as it tackles the hardest of jobs.

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