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Simplicity Broadmoor

The Simplicity Broadmoor comes in a few varieties that vary according to your needs.

In general, a basic Broadmoor model will be able to handle most everyday jobs just fine.


If you are looking for a great lawn tractor without spending the high dollar prices, you might want to consider the Simplicity Broadmoor. This lawn tractor comes in a few varieties that vary according to your needs. In general, a basic Broadmoor model will be able to handle most everyday jobs just fine.

In the Broadmoor line brought to you by Simplicity, you will notice some very interesting facts about the Simplicity Broadmoor Lawn Tractorway this lawn tractor works. The most notable of these discoveries will be the Free Floating deck. The lawn mower actually rides on rollers so the lawn will have an even and professional cut. This means no scalping because it rides along with the ups and downs of the ground it is on. With regards to cutting height, the user can attain the exact cutting height with unlimited choices. A crank handle allows you to adjust it easily.

This Simplicity model boasts a Briggs and Stratton engine that shows quality and reliability. The Broadmoor can be bought in an 18 to 20 hp range. You can also choose the deck size that has choices of 38, 44, and 50. No matter which size deck you choose, you will receive full width rollers that accompany the deck width.

Other notable aspects of the Broadmoor lawn tractor by Simplicity are the 22" large wheel in the rear and the 15" wheels in the front. They provide the Broadmoor a very snug 18" turning radius that you do not see from many lawn tractors. The automated features on the tractor include automatic transmission and automatic traction. The "Automatic Controlled Traction" simply means that power is sent to both wheels. In a case where one of the wheels gets stuck on either the front or back side, the other wheels will keep going.

When you are done with your Broadmoor lawn tractor for the day, you can easy use the Quick Hitch system designed by Simplicity to take the mower off the tractor. This allows you to clean it appropriately or sharpen the blades. This Simplicity model also continues with ease of use by providing foot controls on the ride side of the tractor where the user can change speed and direction on the ground in which they are on.

The construction of the Simplicity Broadmoor is very solid and secure from the inside out. The frame is made out of 10 gauge welded steel. The front bumper is made out of the same material to make it an overall hard hitting machine. The rugged stability of this lawn tractor continues and is seen in the pivoting front axle that is made out of cast iron. Attached are 1" steering spindles.

Like all great models the Broadmoor comes with all the luxury features such as a 12 volt outlet, cup holder, tool box, hand grips and more. In general, the difference between models is slight; only adding horsepower and cutting width. Even the base model will be sure to wow you in every way.

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