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Simplicity Citation

The Simplicity Citation is a zero-turn mower that is not for the weak!

It is true; the Simplicity Citation is a monster of a choice. The sheer look and feel of this zero-turn lawn tractor is quite impressive. This piece of equipment was built for the large jobs that have a lot of land and large trees. Although the task might seem overwhelming at first, with the right equipment such as the Citation tractor, you will be on your way to completing that task in no time and in a shorter time frame than you originally thought. There is no need to stress - this Simplicity lawn mower model has you covered!

Being placed in the cream of the crop, the Simplicity Citation performs well on any platform you choose. simplicity citation zero-turn lanw mowerThe great concept that Simplicity offers on their features is the fact that you can pick what is best for you. For instance, you can choose from a 21 or a 23 horse power Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. These engines provide a great low noise feature due to the quality of the muffler and placement. Not only is it quieter than most large lawn tractors, it provides a smooth and solid ride.

So how does the Citation tractor offer such a great ride while still tackling the lawn terrain that is ever so faulty? The answer is found in the additional features that come along with such a great piece of equipment. Front shocks allow for the absorption of the inevitable ups and downs of the bumpy areas. The "Rear IS", also known as the independent suspension, also aids in helping keep the ride running smoothly. The two work in unison to provide the ultimate comfort in lawn mowing.

Pick up the speed with the 22" rear tires. With a range of zero to nine miles an hour in forward motion, you will be zipping through those yard tasks in no time. Being that this tractor can move with significant speed, there is safety features put in place that will not only keep the rider safe, but the Simplicity tractor unharmed as well. These features include an improved roll over protection structure that allows for many shifts in weight and angles without affecting the upright status of your mower. Headlights that are very bright also light the way. This is especially handy for those times when you decide to cut the lawn as it creeps into the evening. It allows for better visibility for all tasks and protects you from running into objects unnecessarily. The Citation model also comes complete with a thick steel deck that comes equipped with anti rollers and is available in sizes 48" or 52".

To top off the most impressive Simplicity mower has a 6.5 gallon tank for fuel and is lined with comfort. For extreme comfortable operation and ease of use, Simplicity has included a two lever steering function that is placed in convenient and easy to reach length from the high backed seat. This makes the Citation comfortable and powerful- all in one!

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