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Simplicity Legacy XL

You can choose your engine for the Simplicity Legacy XL...each with 27hp!

The three choices you have to choose from are air-cooled, diesel and liquid-cooled.

The Simplicity Legacy XL is a lawn tractor in its own class. In this higher end model, you can choose which engine you want in your lawn tractor by Simplicity. The three choices you have to choose from are air-cooled, diesel and liquid-cooled.  More about these engines are below.

Each engine has 27 hp of sheer amazement. The first of the choices, the V-twin is air cooled. It is aptly simplicity legacy xl lawn tractornamed Kohlar command. Some features that outline this engine are a 15 amp charging system, cast iron cylinder liners, hydraulic valve lifters, mechanical fuel pump, and the external oil cooler.

Next, you can have the choice to own the Kawasaki V-twin engine for the Legacy XL model. This is the liquid-cooled model. The features included on this lawn tractor choice are a 20 amp charging system and an electrical fuel pump. It also comes with cast iron cylinder liners as well as the radiator, water pump and fan for the liquid cool engine.

Last, but not least, there is the third choice which is the Briggs and Stratton Daihatsu. This is a 3-cylynder in-line diesel engine. The diesel Legacy XL tractor is also liquid cooled. It features a 40 amp charge system and a pre-chamber fuel injection system.

A common ground that each of the Legacy XL models stand on are the features such as a 500 amp cold crank amp battery, 5.5 gal fuel tank, and a 5 inch muffler. They also all include full pressure oil lubrication. These lawn tractors can sport a large front attachment. Thanks to the hydraulic capacity and transmission, this is possible.

The lawn tractor deck is Free Floating and driven by the shaft. The tractor comes in different deck sizes, depending on the user needs ranging in 48, 54 and 60. Simplicity lets the user match the engine choice to the deck choice for a better fit in needs and use. What is more is the ease of switching out attachments.

Although the Legacy XL model was made to work exquisitely with front attachments, there are many options for the back attachments as well. They work excellent and are readily available. The joystick is a single operational tool. This makes it easy to distinguish movement for the different attachments. Up and down, side to side makes different movements for select attachments.

The Legacy XL provides an excellent service while maintaining the users comfort. The Legacy XL models take in account for convenience and comfort by adding an adjustable, tapered seat spring, high back chair. They also have included a tilt and adjustable steering wheel, color coded controls that are easily within reach, cruise control along with power steering, storage area, cup holder, cut height and 12 volt outlet.

Simplicity Legacy XL is really the way to go if you are looking for a strong all in one. It provides as a great lawn tractor and does its job to the fullest.

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