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Simplicity Prestige

Just be warned that the list price of the Simplicity Prestige tractor does not include the $1100 to $1200 you will need to actually use this product to mow your lawn.

The Simplicity Prestige is a hardcore lawn tractor made by Simplicity Manufacturing. The Prestige line of products is meant for heavy-duty mowing and can also be used for the purpose of snow plowing and tilling the earth (with the proper attachments).

The simplicity's prestige line of tractors have some common design features. The mower blades can be lifted whilesimplicity prestige lawn tractor transporting and lowered while operation. For this purpose, an electric motor is employed and a switch is mounted on the console. All mowers in this line have a smooth ride due to their full width rollers on the mowing deck which is a good feature if you have a large area to mow.

The Simplicity Prestige yard and Garden mower tractor can handle any task you throw at it, as a wide range of attachments are available for anything you might want. However, all attachments are optional and not compulsory for the primary purpose being a tractor. With the 4 wheel Drive system, shifting between 2 and 4 wheel drive is possible and can be done while on the go.

If there is a knock against this tractor is that you have to add the mower as an attachment. Just be warned that the list price does not include the $1100 to $1200 you will need to actually use this product to mow your lawn.

The Kohler engine that is used in this series of tractor comes in at 25 hor 27 hp. This type of engine ensures the quiet, smooth and dependable performance that is synonamous with Simplicity. The steering is twistable to ensure ultimate comfort of control and rider-seat is made horizontally movable.

Prestige Features

  • 2WD Models available in 25-hp or 27-hp with 44", 50", or 54" mowing deck
  • 4WD models available in 27-hp with 44", 50", or 54" mowing deck
  • 25- or 27-hp Kohler Command™ V-Twin engine
  • Foot-controlled automatic transmission
  • Free Floating™ mower deck with full-width rollers
  • Electric height-of-cut adjustment
  • Quick Hitch™ attachment removal system
  • Padded, soft-grip steering wheel
  • Tilt wheel
  • 18" turning radius (30" on 4WD Model)
  • Easy-adjust high-back seat
  • Cruise control
  • Four headlight illumination
  • Automatic Controlled Traction™ and differential lock (not on 4WD Models)
  • Heavy-duty 10-gauge welded steel frame
  • Cast-iron steer axle
  • Hydraulic attachment lift
  • Power steering is standard
  • 4-gallon fuel tank
  • 12 volt DC outlet

The power steering is the latest feature of prestige garden tractor. The prestige is the one of the best tractors that a homeowner can buy. To guarantee a great cut, the prestige has employed a free-floating mower deck with the full width rollers, which is a patent of simplicity. Currently there are three prestige models are in the market. A 25hp hydro fitted with 44" mower, 25hp hydro with 50" mower and the last one, the 27hp hydro with 54" mower. All model use Kohler Command™ engines.

The prestige is a heavy-duty tractor. It is best suited for industry as well as large home use. As the products are warranted, the operations and maintainability is ensured for all models. The attachments are also highly available and they are highly compatible and interoperable with the all models of prestige tractors.

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