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Simplicity Regent

The Simplicity Regent is not only built tough, but has a great outward appearance as well. You will want to highly consider this tractor.


It's not every day you see such great value in a lawn tractor. Most would figure in a midrange model on the tractor scale, you would find aspects that were great and some less desirable. The less than perfect aspects you would normally deal with because there is a trade off in price. You might not have a certain feature you want, but you can live without it. This is not the case with the Simplicity Regent.

When you first look at the Regent model, you think that it is just like every standard tractor until you gazesimplicity regent lawn tractor toward the bottom toward the deck. What you will find there is a sophisticated cutting system that relies on the Free Floating method utilized by Simplicity in all their amazing tractor mowers. The way the Free Floating works is by the use of rollers that are the width of the tractor mower. By doing this, the cut comes out flawless because it eliminates scalping that is sometimes seen on those lawn tractors that do not utilize this technology.

In this Simplicity model, you will find that there are many features that have been carefully designed with the end user in mind. This means that controls and functioning are close and easy to use. For example, the foot control is for acceleration and has the cruise control feature. There is also the PTO engagement that is easy to reach which in turn, makes the lawn tractor easy to use. As mentioned the controls are easy to use, and also easy to spot. The Regent by Simplicity has color coated controls that are large. Put that together with an adjustable seat and you have yourself a comfortable ride!

The Hydrostatic automatic transmission is also a plus along with the 3.5 gal tank for fuel with comes with a large filler neck. The model also is made even better by providing a height control that allows for and infinite amount of adjustment, meaning it does not stop every quarter inch like most do. As an added bonus, you will also find that the Quick Hitch feature is very versatile and makes blade sharpening and cleaning a snap, literally.

As for choices, you have a few. You can choose your engine size along with the deck size. These can be mixed and matched, as no two sizes come "standard" or equipped with each other. The single cylinder V-twin comes in 18 or 20 hp and the V-twin engine comes in the options of 20, 22, or 24 hp.

With all of these features you would expect to pay a hefty price coming somewhere in the tens of thousands. Simplicity has crammed all these features and more into a very affordable and wise choice in a lawn tractor. If you are looking for a lawn tractor that is not only built tough, but has a great outward appearance as well, you will want to highly consider the Simplicity Regent. After all, it is comfortable and easy to use too!


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