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Simplicity ZT4000

The Simplicity ZT4000 is a quality commercial Zero Turn Mower for your company.


The Simplicity brand may not be as well know as say John Deere but they produce a quality product. The Simplicity ZT 4000 is dubbed on their website as "Affordable Commercial Mowing" on their website and starting from $5600 that is certainly the case.

The ZT4000 sports a hefty 24 Hp Briggs and Stratton ELS engine. There is no need to prime or choke the engine, simply start the mower and go! This zero turn lawn mower allows you quickly and easily keep your lawn trim and beautiful. Since the motor is 24 Horsepower, you have plenty of power to get your work done. The engine has electric starter, the choke / throttle has separate levers, fuel tank capacity of 6.5 Gal. and uses a 340cca Battery.

The Transmission is made by Hydro-Gear , 10A Pump / 12P Motor type, forward speed is 0 to 7.0 mph, simplicity zt4000reverse speed is 0 to 5.0 mph and Band brakes. The chassis comprises of 2" X 2" Welded Steel Tube frame, Pivoted with Shocks front axle, front suspension, 11" front smooth tread tires, 20"X8" rear turf saver tires, adjustable 18" High back seat. The cutting deck, which is made of durable cast aluminum, is rust free and converts from rear bagging, side discharging, or mulching without any tools. This is an amazing feature that can not only benefit businesses but everyday people that don't want the hassle of using tools on your mower. It's more convenient and saves your time.

The improved height of the cut system facilitates 12-position adjustability from 1.5 inches up to 4.5 inches. It comprises of three blades. The cutting width is 44 inch. The discharge deflector is flexible and pivoted. The Simplicity ZT4000 has standard full width rear rollers and Heavy duty and anti scalp wheels.

The Simplicity ZT 4000 has Adjustable Fore / Aft and Twin Lever steering as well as a conveniently positioned parking brake. It constitutes electric PTO switch mower engagement. The length, width and height adjustment is 78 x 55 x 42. The wheelbase is 41 inch. The weight of this mower is 712 lbs. The warranty for residential use is 2 year limited and warranty for commercial use is 90 days. The price of this mower at the time of this writing is $5,600.

IF you require a dependable lawn mower then the Simplicity ZT4000 is among the best. Simplicity lawn mowers provide quality products with reasonable costs. There are many advantages of using simplicity lawn mowers. As the name suggests it is easy to use. It is simple to maintain steady speed without worrying about the clutch.

Simplicity mower consists of large gas tanks, which make fill ups less frequent. Moreover, by maintaining the oil, filter and air pressure in the tires the gas lasts up to 1/3 longer. Finding the replacement parts of some mowers is difficult however, Simplicity brand parts are easily available from blades to carburetors and from tractor seats to covers.

Simplicity offers good customer service. They will deliver the mower to your house or business and show how to operate it if required. Simplicity provides wide range of models consisting of lawn tractors and zero turn mowers and accessories attachments. Simplicity will guarantee for all the equipments, which they sell. If you have any problem with engine or any parts with normal usage, they replace them freely.

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