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Toro 20090

The Toro 20090 Super Recycler is a premium gas powered push mower, which consists of efficient mulching system.


The Toro 20090 is the only push mower in Super Recycler line and has easily and quickly risible handle by turning the blue knobs to store the mower upright in tight spaces. This mower has the Super Recycler cutting system consisting of a veneered cutting blade, kickers and clipping accelerator that gives you an effortless cut. The durable cast aluminum cutting deck is rust resistant and converts to side discharging or mulching without tools. Many mowers are adding the toolless feature to their mowers and many homeowners are extremely greatful.

The Toro 20090 lawn mower has an improved height cut system consists of seven-position adjustability from 1.25' – 4.25'. Every Super recycler mover available with Supercare advantage provides you the best customer care service available. It comprises of 5-year full warranty and if anything goes while using normally and maintaining Toro will fix it freely.

This lawn mower is gas powered push mower, which consists of efficient mulching system. It is very light, powerful and easy to store. Clippings are chopped up by a veneered blade, which uses kickers and acceleration system for keeping the clippings in the air before ejecting to the ground.

You can discharge into a bag by connecting the side discharge tube. The ready start system, which is in Toro 20090 Super Recycler Lawn Mowerthis Toro mower does not contain a choke or require any priming for an effortless start. The 190cc Stratton and Briggs engine provides lot of power and make the mower efficient on any range of grass types and surfaces. The deck is easily adjustable between 1 ¼ inch to 4 ¼ inch of cutting heights.

Another great feature that you don’t find on other mowers is a Quick Washout Port. This makes cleaning super easy. Attach the hose to the port and all the accumulated clipping and dirt are washed out in one go.

This mower is very lightweight at 73lbs and has a folding handle to store easily. The mower is sturdily constructed and even though it is slightly expensive (starting at $480), you get extra features that you will not get on lower priced models. You also pay for the peace of mind that this Toro Super Recycler is guaranteed to start in the next 5 years or Toro will fix it free of charge. Just make sure you are doing your regular maintenance otherwise this guarantee may become null and void.

Repairing this mower using rebuild kit for equipment manufactured by Toro will be the best preparation you require for long lawn mowing season. The kits for Toro lawn mowers are examples for how small engine repower kits works and benefits lawn equipment owners. Small engine rebuilt kits have lot of features and extra bonuses. You should spend less money for Toro replacement parts and engines and dependable than you could spend for purchasing new one. But remember this is only needed after your 5 year warranty expires.

In conclusion, if you want a quality push mower that is under a rock solid warranty for a long time then check out the Toro 20090 Super Recycler. While it is one of the more expensive push mowers we have reviewed, it has some features that are innovative in the industry. Buy this mower only if you wish to have a trouble free mowing experience long into the future.

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