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Toro 20091 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

When it comes to maintaining your Toro 20091 lawn mower, you will find the Washout Port very handy. It is necessary to keep your mower clean and maintained for longer lasting results.


We all look to acquire a lawn mower for our personal use for lawn maintenance. When looking at different types of lawn tractors, you will notice that there is a wide range in price and style. Some lawn tractors you can ride on, others you cannot. There are some that are push mowers and some that are self propelled. Each person will need their own type of mower, and this is why many different varieties are available. In general, those looking for a good residential mower will look about mid-range price and be satisfied with their outcome.

The Toro 20091 Personal Pace lawn mower is one of these mowers. It offers a combination of a good sturdy engine with the features you would expect from a good build. The Briggs and Stratton Engine come equipped with a ready-start engine. This means you do not need to choke the mower. You can just start and go. Once you get the mower going, you will notice it is self propelled; this is also known as the "Personal Pace". Basically, the mower goes with your speed rather than you go with the mowers.

The "Super Recycler" cutting system that the Toro 20091 brand lawn mower has to offer kicks back thetoro 20091 super recycler mower clippings for an extra round after they have had their first initial cut. The veneered blades chop the cuttings into many fine pieces. Covering the cutting system is the cast aluminum deck. This deck is rust proof and converts easily. You can convert the deck into a mulcher, bag option or side discharge in a matter of minutes and without tools!

The cutting range as far as height on the 20091 model mower is 1.25" to 4.25". There are seven positions through these heights to get it where you need it. This is a very nice range that offers a great cut for nearly everyone.

When it comes to maintaining your Toro lawn mower, you will find the Washout Port very handy. It is necessary to keep your mower clean and maintained for longer lasting results. The 20091 model makes it easy to do this. Simply attach the hose to the deck and let it wash out the left over clippings; you do not even have to turn the mower upside down to do it. When you are done washing out your mower and it is dried, click two blue side handles and store your Toro upright. It really is as simple as that.

If you have any problems with your 20091, you can easy contact Toro for premier customer service. Their popular Super Care Advantage program is designed to help their customers in the most professional and quickest way as possible. Couple this with the warranties offered by Toro brand tractors and mowers and you have a deal you can't refuse. The Toro 20091 comes with a 5 year warranty that protects it against normal use and maintenance problems; if your mower breaks within that time, they will fix it for free. Moreover, if your mower doesn't start after 2 pulls within those 5 years, they will fix that for free as well!

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