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Toro 20093

Find out what the what the Toro 20093 self-propelled mower has to offer you!

Like all of the Toro brand lawn mowers, the Toro 20093 comes with the Briggs and Stratton engine. This engine is well designed for longevity and durability. While upholding the above stated, it also beats the emission standards set out by the government. This choice in an engine is the first sign of the quality that Toro offers its consumers.

Taking a look at the features of the 20093 model mower, you will notice the following:

  1. Personal Pace: This is a term coined by Toro to express the self propelled system that it offers. Unlike traditional self propel lawn mowers, the 20093 mower aims at aiding your step and conforming to the way you move. Traditional self propelled mowers do not respond as accurately as the Toro Personal Pace system. This is the industries leader is self propelling mowers. toro 20093 self-propelled lawn mower
  2. Cutting edge "SuperRecycler": This cutting process is unlike any other. First, the finished cutting blade cuts the grass and then the kickers cycle through the grass blades again adding another cut. This allows for very minute pieces of grass to be left into the lawn with no visible trace.
  3. Adjustable blade height: This is a great feature that allows the blade to be adjusted to seven different heights. These heights range from 1.25" all the way to 4.25".
  4. Easy Cleaning: There is a port where you can stick a hose nozzle in and flush the blades of grass from the cutting blades. This makes cleaning quick, easy and less strenuous.
  5. Deck: The deck is made from cast aluminum and has a cutting width of 21".
  6. Weight: This weight is a very standard, if not slightly less than standard, 95 pounds.
  7. Ready Start Engine: This means you can start the engine without priming or pumping it. Toro is so confidant in their design that they offer a 5 year Guarantee on your mower starting within the first two tries for the first five years or they fix it for free!
  8. Full 5 warranty: Toro will fix your 20093 model for free in the first five years if something goes wrong. This is pending you have used it for normal maintenance and use.

Of all these wonderful features, the most important feature that makes the Toro 20093 stand out from the crowd is the use of their blade override system. This system is designed to allow you to turn off the blade and step away from the mower and not have to restart the engine when you return. This is designed for short periods of time for times such as removing an item that is in your way. This becomes a very handy feature that does not come on other models and brands.

Understanding the many features of the 20093 model built by Toro is essential to understanding how it can help you. It is priced in a median range to offer accelerated features for a reasonable price point.

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