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Toro Lawn Mowers

Toro Lawn Mowers are among the most popular and most reliable among lawn mower enthusiasts.


When it comes to lawn mowers for commercial or residential purposes, Toro lawn mowers are among the most popular and most reliable. Toro is a US manufacturer of water-saving irrigation systems for sports fields, golf courses, agricultural fields and lawns. Within its more than nine decades of existence, Toro has developed and launched some of the most useful turf maintenance machines including its reliable line of lawn mowers. Needless to say, the name Toro has become an important emblem of reliability, functionality and effectiveness when it comes to lawn mowers.

As mentioned, the manufacturer has built a credible and solid background in the production of lawn mowers for marquee sports venues and championship golf courses. With its expertise in its field of focus, the company has diversified further and has decided to cover lawn mowers as well. Using its expertise, the company has accumulated a proven track record of ideal and lucrative lawn mowers that are absolutely packed with basic and innovative features, making Toro mowers among the most popular and trusted mowing machines available in the market for quite some time.

Toro Lawn Mower Products

With its long history of excellence, the company has built a narrow but popular range of lawn mower line up. Toro is main target is residential users, making the name a common household brand especially when it comes to grass-cutting equipment. For residential purposes, their line of products includes Toro Recycler and the SR4 Super Recycler. For ride-on types of mowers, Toro also maintains a broad range of tractors and commercial mowers that are highly suited for major and important commercial projects as well.

To begin with, the Toro Recycler is the company's entry-level mowing machine. The model is oozing with basic features that provides an amazing value to lawn and gardening enthusiasts. This Toro lawn mower model is characterized by nine cutting positions and longer cutting length that gives out wider versatility than the other Toro lawn mower model. Moreover, the Toro Recycler has an amazing solid steel exterior that is very hard, maintaining that feature even at the most adverse conditions. The product is offered along with a two-year warranty.

Toro's SR4 Super Recycler stands as the brand's flagship lawn mower. The product line is available in several specific models, each having basic and useful features like Personal Pace, a self-propelling system that makes lawn mowing easier and a Blade Override System that facilitates assured safety for users. The Start System is useful in providing assurance that the mowing machine is useful anytime. The SR4 Super Recycler has been developed and made by Toro to last longer with its lightweight but extremely tough cast aluminum surface. The product line is sold along with a five-year warranty. Thus, the SR4 Super Recycler could be considered more of an investment that just a typical lawn mower.

Buying Lawn Mowers From Toro

Like many lawn mower makers, Toro mowers are not directly sold and distributed by the company. The firm relies on an active marketing network of independent distributors, retailers and dealer that in turn take care of marketing the lawn mowing products to consumers. The network is internationally viable and is highly extensive.

Finding and buying any Toro tractor should never be a problem. Check out retailers of gardening and do-it-yourself shops and find the best lawn mower model suitable for you. You could also place orders for such equipment online, though the various Internet shops that are out in the market. Just be reminded to prepare for the significant amount of the purchase. Buying any Toro lawn mower is definitely a costly but quality investment in your lawn's health.


Toro Lawn Mower Reviews

Toro LX426 Lawn Tractor - This lawn tractor can be equipped with so many attachments, you can use it all year round to not only maintain your lawn but to plow snow and many other uses!

Toro 20090 Super Recycler Push Mower - if you want a quality push mower that is under a rock solid warranty for a long time then check out the Toro 20090 Super Recycler. While it is one of the more expensive push mowers we have reviewed, it has some features that are innovative in the industry.

Toro 20091 Super Recycler Self-Propelled Mower - When it comes to maintaining your Toro 20091 lawn mower, you will find the Washout Port very handy. It is necessary to keep your mower clean and maintained for longer lasting results.

Toro 20092 Super Recycler Self-Propelled Mower - The Toro 20092 Super Recycler self-propelled lawn mower comes with the fantastic Personal Pace technology!

Toro 20093 Super Recycler Self-Propelled Mower - The most important feature that makes this mower stand out from the crowd is the the blade override system. This system is designed to allow you to turn off the blade and step away from the mower and not have to restart the engine when you return.

Toro 20095 Super Recycler Self-Propelled Mower - Just like a car, the Toro 20095 starts with just a simple turn of the key! What does this mean for you? This means you will be able to start your mower without having to pull on the cord and choke the mower manually.

Toro Recycler Mower Line - The Toro Recycler line of mowers has a great selection for specialty needs. Some mowers have high wheels for a rugged surface while others are built more for those who want a smooth ride. Whichever the case, the recycler line of lawn mowers is packed full of options.


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