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Toro LX426

The Toro LX426 lawn tractor can be equipped with so many attachments, you can use it all year round to not only maintain your lawn but to plow snow and many other uses!


The Toro LX426 is a lawn tractor built by Toro that allows for a quality cut for a reasonable price. The main function of the LX426 model is to provide those consumers that want a consistent machine at a good price that do not mind missing "frills" that sometimes accompany some more expensive lawn mowers. If this sounds like the concept you have, this Toro model might be your perfect fit.

The model is designed to be streamlined and versatile. The Toro tractor comes with a three gallon tank that will allow for quite some usage before having to refill.  Although the Toro LX426 has limited features, it does come equipped with easy operating features. The model sports a cast iron axle in the front that holds up strong against slopes and bumps that occur with regular usage. The design of the LX426 tractor, being the slim design that it is, provides for easy maneuverability around obstacles that normally present themselves, such as tress and shrubs. The Toro Company has built in a linear system that balances out the lawn mower as it frees up less side to side action.

The brake and foot pedal are very comfortable in design and adequately placed. Both the brakes and thetoro lx426 lawn tractor foot pedal respond extremely well and offer a very responsive timing and outcome. Even as you gain speed in the LX426 Toro lawn tractor, you will still remain in control of function both when going in forward and backward motions.

Some qualms users have found with this Toro model is the seating arrangement. The seat is somewhat hard with springs that do little in the way of absorbing the shock produced by a rougher terrain and comes with a lower back. These are some of the "luxury" features that were stripped from this model. Another lack luster feature that many find a problem on this model is the way the seat is positioned to the steering wheel. Some find it too close making it rather uncomfortable to use. This is also coupled with the very small thirteen inch steering wheel that comes on this piece of equipment. These really, overall, should be concerns of people that will be using their riding lawn mower for long periods of time. For those who do occasional mowing, this will prove to be perfectly adequate.

If you are looking for more features to come from the LX426 Toro mower, you might want to consider the additional features and accessories you can purchase to go along with it. Some of these include a dual bag grass collector, mulching piece, and a snowplow and thrower. These are all great compatible items; however, they do come with an additional cost. These costs are slightly high, so make sure you contemplate whether or not you need them. If you do, you might want to compare lawn tractors that offer these features built in to compare costs associated with both.

With a two year warranty, the LX426 would be a good entry level tractor for normal use.

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