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Walker Lawn Mowers

Another young company at 30 years old but Walker Lawn Mowers' have carved a niche out in the market.


Since 1980, Walker mowers have been among the most trusted and most sought-after lawn mowing machines in the market. About three decades ago, the initial Walker lawn mowers were developed and designed as task-completing machines rather than as market fillers. During its launch, no marketing studies and analysis was done to give way to the first batch of lawn mowers from Walker.

Walker Lawn Mowers have so much to offer to cover lawn mowing necessities and demands of clients. To better understand the scope of lawn mowing services available from the firm, it would be better if you would be familiarized to basic categories of lawn mowing machines from the company.

Walk-behind Lawn Mowers

Walker was named for their walk-behind mowers. The initial products were lawn mowers that are operated through walking. The Walker walk-behind lawn mower has a useful 15-horsepwoer engine from Kawasaki. Because of that, the lawn mower has a distinct variable speed, controlled by a specific rocker switch with a specialized tail wheel that facilitates more stability.

Professional Walker Lawn Tractors

The company has been seriously offering professional Walker lawn tractors. They include the MT and MD models, which are ideal for professional purposes. Both types of professional lawn mowers pride themselves with great grass catchers, dual tail wheels, remote air intake and dual hydro axles. There are smaller types of such professional mowers that could be used for residential and home purposes as well.

Zero Turn Mowers

To boost efficiency and speed, the company has come out with Walker Zero Turn Lawn Mowers that integrate zero turn. Zero turn mowers facilitate for excellent and more effective maneuverability. This is most useful when there are obstacles in the lawn like trees, stones and toys. These lawn mowers are characterized with various deck sizes that users can easily choose from.


There are several types of attachments that are available for on Walker mowers. You can easily transform your lawn mower into a shredder, snow blower, rotary broom, edger, a front loader and even a bulldozer. It is clear that the typical Walker lawn mower can actually do more than just cut some grass.

The compact size of Walker lawn machines make them highly convenient and efficient. Many people think the small size is only for style. Aside from the aesthetic value, Walker lawn machines are made small and compact in size to reduce space, energy and effort.

Buying Walker Lawn Mowers

Walker mowers are fairly priced. You do not need to spend too much to buy and use such lawn mowers. The market has an intensifying competition for mowing machines and Walker acknowledges this fact. Thus, as much as possible, the company wants to make sure customers maximize the value of their investments when they buy their machines.

For about three decades, Walker mowers have been impressing homeowners and commercial property owners. The company is one of the youngest ones in the lawn mower market but its features and growth is at par with the old and more popular ones.


Walker Lawn Tractor Reviews

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Walker Model B Lawn Tractor - has been remodeled so it can be more economical for the home buyer that does not usually need the grass catching feature.

Walker Model S Lawn Tractor - this lawn tractor does not have the same specs as the higher end models; however, it does offer some good features for the price.

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