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Walker Model B

The Walker Model B has been remodeled so it can be more economical for the home buyer that does not usually need the grass catching feature.


The Walker Model B lawn tractor is an example of a compact tractor. In this, Walker tries to incorporate easy maneuverability, ease in small areas, and convenience of completing a job in 30 to 50% of the time because of these specific attributes.

The Model B, also known as the MB model, has become a simplified model of other Walker lawn tractors. The main difference is seen in the inability to catch grass. This is not a Grass Handling System like you can find on other models. They striped this feature from the Model B so it can be more economical for the home buyer that does not usually need that feature.

As stated, the Walker lawn tractors are known for easy maneuverability. This is due to many reasons. walker model b lawn tractorWalker has designed the frame low to the ground to create a better center of gravity, especially on slopes and rough terrains. This lawn tractor also has the ability for a zero turn radius as well as a body that tilts upward. Although the Model B can get up to 8 mph on the ground and has forward steering options, you will still get the smooth ride and agile movement due to the Hydro-Gear transaxles and two steering levers.

The power of this Walker lawn tractor comes from the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine with a combination with a manual, mechanical clutch by NORAM. This combination sends a complete and balanced power throughout the mower that allows the job to get done in minimal time, up to 50%!

Although it is nice and compact, which allows you to get into spots where you might have to otherwise use a traditional push mower, it might be a little too compact for some. Being that it is relatively smaller in size; some people might have a hard time adjusting to the "tight squeeze" that the Model B lawn tractor offers. There are also no automatic features on this model. It is fully manual and what you see is what you get with this one. You will also note that it has a 3 gallon tank that might need refilling if you are looking to tackle a big project.

On the convenience and good specs the Walker Model B does offer us the ability to change out parts quickly, maintain the equipment easily and switch out the deck at a relatively fair process. This is largely due to the fact that it tilts up for easy access. The other nice specifications it offers are a sealed battery, a shroud for the cooling fan on the engine, and easy storage capability. The deck actually folds up on this compact model to make storage space even more minimal. The mulching capability and side discharge are also slightly notable as well.

With this steering capability, cruise control and compact design that makes cutting grass so efficient, many people will enjoy this model whether it be for personal or commercial use; although it would be better used as a personal lawn tractor.

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