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Walker Model S

The Walker Model S does not have the same specs as the higher end models; however, it does offer some good features for the price.


The Walker Model S, also known as the MS, is made for heavy homeowner use or a light use commercially. The S model is a basic lawn tractor with a smaller engine. It does not have the same specs as the other higher end models; however, it does offer some good features for the price.

Being this is a lower end model, you have to take some things into perspective. By default, it is not going to have all the bells and whistles. If you cannot live with manual functions and a smaller engine, look somewhere else. You have to take it for what it is. With that said, here are what makes this Walker model a good deal.

It comes equipped with a Kawasaki single FE400 engine. This engine is also found in other uses such walker model s lawn tractoras golf carts. Although it is a single cylinder engine, it can put out adequate power to get the job done for those jobs that to not require a lot of heavy terrain work.

A great aspect about the Model S, like most Walker models is the fact that it can tilt up. This makes maintaining your Walker lawn tractor easy and safer. It also helps when storing the tractor because it takes up less space, which is always nice.  It also comes with a 6.7 bushel catcher and an option for a Grass Handling System. That option, of course, will run you a few more dollars.

The walker has a dual hydro axle that you can also correlate with their other models. On the other hand, it has a 1.7 gallon fuel tank that leaves some people wincing and wondering how many times they will have to fill up before they complete their job. To some, this is a major downside; to others, it really doesn't matter. In all, it just depends on what you intend to use it for and how big the job is.

Being this is a stripped down version, there are some great add-ons and compatibilities which is a great feature. These features range from the tires to the functions. The tires can come in narrow, all terrain and low profile drive tires. You can also select to have what Walker labels as a comfort seat or a suspension seat. These both offer a better option for a less impactful ride. These options are classified under factory installation.

Your Walker Model S is also compatible with the following Implements: Hitch, Loader bucket, Rotary Broom, Debris Blower and Dozer Blade. The following attachments are also available: Curb Jumper (Ramp), Dethatcher and a Broom Sprayer.

In all, there are many other options such as accessories that include a dump bag, chains for tires, tail weight, and a no catch deflector. If you want options such as headlights, deck lift (mechanical) or arm rests, you need to check with the dealer because they are dealer installed option.
Whether you choose to use the Walker lawn tractor as is or with upgrades, you will be satisfied with your choice for the amount of money that was put out.

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