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Walker Super B Lawn Tractor

The Walker Super B is a good "bang for the buck" commercial mower. If you are starting a business, check out this quality lawn tractor.


Walker really hit a good note when they came out with the Super B model lawn tractor. They designed this lawn tractor to be a commercial use lawn tractor but at the price of a midsized and middle mount, but instead, they made it into a front cut for extremely superior performance. The Super B is made to be used by professional landscapers, people who own acres, municipalities and more. This is not your average low priced lawn tractor.

As with most all of the Walker models, the mowing deck of the Walker Super B is easily tilted upwards for maintenance reasons. It also controls the forward speed with levers for a very comfortable and easily maneuvered ride. You will also have the aid of the independent, dual Hydro Gear transaxles, IZT 2800.

This lawn tractor model has a very deep design for the deck while utilizing the torsion flex frame that Walker Super B Commercial Lawn Mowerproduces proven results and precise cutting. You can actually adjust the deck height (manually) all the way up to 5 inches off the seat by using the foot pedal.

The engine is a Kohler Command which is an air-cooled engine. This means you will get a longer life out of your engine because it is being properly taken care of. As a commercial lawn tractor, this is considered standard and necessary. In combination, the remote air filter is a Cummins OptAir.

So what makes the Super B model really stand out? Not much besides its price. The price point is the real highlight on this lawn tractor. When compared to other commercial mowers, the Walker Super B compares fair. There are a few reasons why other commercial lawn tractors will outperform or in the long run be a better deal. This comes in the form of warranties, materials used and replaceable parts.

For those looking for an affordable commercial lawn tractor, this is a good choice. It is also a good choice for those people who are just starting out in a lawn service business or the like. The performance is good and the output is equally good. A big unfortunate aspect of this machine is the lack of warranty. Another downfall would have to be in the attachment area. There are no attachments that are compatible with this model. For those that are looking to provide a wide range of services, this might not be the best choice for you on the market, even though it is reasonably priced.

In conclusion, the Super B model is a great addition if you are looking for a commercial lawn tractor that is easy to use and maintain but does not offer much that is over and above what is considered standard operation for a commercial tractor. The highlight is the maneuverability that is offered through the way it is designed. This eliminates the need to use push mowers for the hard to reach spots as well as saves time when cutting grass because the ride is uninterrupted when doing these functions. Generally speaking, this is a good "bang for the buck" model.

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