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Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers may be a little pricey but facilitate a greater and more fun lawn mowing experience.


The zero turn lawn mower is a popular and sophisticated variation of the ride-on lawn mower. The machine facilitates for a zero turn radius when turning back the lawn mower. With the use of the zero turn lawn mower, grass cutting task is made faster by as much as 30%. The activity is also made more effective. Thus, there is no need to go back to an area that has already been mowed. The mower needs to go over a lawn area only once to trim the grass according to specifications, requirements and preferences.

Logically, demand for zero turn mowers are now greater than actual sales of conventional riding lawn mowers. Clamor for zero turn lawn mowers have climbed significantly that there are now more equipment makers producing such machines than the conventional types. There are many practical reasons why zero turn mowers are deemed more efficient compared to other types of riding lawn mowers. Here are some of those.

1. The zero turn lawn mower does not waste any movement, and therefore energy. A typical riding lawn mower utilizes about 4 inches to about 28 inches of area just to turn around by 180 degrees. This is mathematically time and energy consuming, meaning you will spend more time mowing and more money on gas. On the contrary, the zero turn mower wastes no movement or land area coverage when turning around.

2. The zero turn lawn mower travel up to two times faster than a regular ride-on lawn mower. Conventional riding mowers run up to 4 miles every hour; zero turn types can go as fast as 8 miles per hour. Thus, operators are raving about how fast they could get a task done without much effort and energy. You can mow acres of land within just a few hours.

3. Most of the time, the zero turn mower scraps the need to acquire a separate walk-behind or mower primarily for further trimming purposes. You can very well use the mower to trim grasses around shrubs, trees, buildings and sidewalks. The machine is also ideal and effective when trimming hard-to-reach areas like tight spots and ditches.

4. You could easily maneuver around obstacles like branches, sticks, toys and stones. There is no need to tediously move back the mower or run over the object.

5. The steering wheel is appropriately and effectively designed. The machine has two steering grips that independently control two rear wheels. In comparison, the typical riding lawn mowers have single steering system that is positioned in a way that it would enable front wheels to turn radius controlled by no other than the physical design of the mower.

6. No doubt that zero turn riding mowers facilitate safer and better handling especially during cases of emergency.

7. Users testify that zero turn mowers are easier and more fun to operate and drive than the conventional riding lawn mowers. They can nimbly cut and move around trees and some other lawn obstacles. In fact, many users of zero turn mowers attest that driving the machine is like driving a fun bumper car, except that there is no need to crash with several other bumper cars.

If costs are an issue, be assured that zero turn riding lawn mowers are practically and reasonably priced. A typical zero turn lawn mower could be acquired at about $2,600 to as high as $7,200, depending on the model and brand. In comparison, a typical riding lawn mower is having price tags of about $1,600 to $3,000. However, owners of zero turn mowers attest that prices are reasonable when the overall functions and efficiency are considered.

To some ride-on lawn mowers, nothing could compare to the ease and fun they experience when mowing a wide area of lawn. Without a doubt, a zero turn mower will facilitate a greater and more fun lawn mowing experience.


Zero Turn Lawn Mower Reviews

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Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 - The Hustler Mini Fastrak 36/42 is designed to have a wide base with a low gravity center to provide a stable and comfortable ride.

Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 - One of the biggest features that stands out on the Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 36/42 is the ZT transmission that is 100% commercial duty in strength and durability.

Hustler Fastrak Super Duty 48/54/60 - Everything about this Hustler lawn tractor is heavy duty. If you own a mowing business you owe it to yourself to check out this mower!

John Deere EZtrack Series Zero-Turn Mower - The EZtrak Series is a professional series of Zero Turn Lawn Mower that will help you get your work done in no time!

Simplicity Axion Zero-Turn Mower - The Simplicity Axion boasts a very impressive zero-turn that leaves many people wondering how it does it.

Simplicity Citation Zero-Turn Mower - this zero-turn mower is not for the weak!

Simplicity Cobalt Zero-Turn Mower - The Simplicity Cobalt is definitely overkill for most uses. If your business is mowing lawns then make the cobalt your business.

Simplicity ZT4000 Zero-Turn Mower - The Simplicity ZT 4000 is dubbed on their website as "Affordable Commercial Mowing" and starting from $5600 that is certinly the case.


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